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For fast, smart and safe international moves you have to trust the experts at Aeon shipping LLC. Our team has been organizing shipments to the UK from Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the UAE over many years. Our team of logistics experts can deliver packages direct to the UK via airmail, Sea and more as well as thousands of other destinations across the world. If you want just a few comforts of home, the ability to ship your entire office oversees or fast-moving for all of your household goods we can make sure that you have a stress-free move.

International moves need to be handled much differently than a traditional moving or shipping effort. When performing household goods shipping to the UK it's important that any moving company follow the rigorous standards that are held by border officials in the UK as well as port inspection authority. Using our decades of experience we have helped to develop a logistics system, packing and shipping system that produces consistent deadlines. Whether you need to move an entire household or just a few small items we can offer the best reduced shipping cost for you and with a deadline that's manageable for your needs.

Our staff are available seven days a week to help assist you with the process of packing up your items. Although not all of our clients will take us up on our packing services our staff can make the process of shipping from Dubai to the United Kingdom extremely simple but helping you professionally package up all of your items, create detailed manifest list and then arrange all of the items in a shipping container to maximize the square footage. When it comes to savings or partial container services also allow our clients to work together to fill up a full shipping container and take advantage of some extra savings. We have you covered regardless of which international terminal or area of the UK you would like us to ship your items to.

The process for shipping is simple. Our customers start by filling out a free survey from which we can detail a number of quotes for shipping. Our quotes can be obtained free of charge and we will present several different options for shipping household goods to the UK so that you can determine the best one for your budget and timeline.

Our logistics experts work of a number of ports across the United Kingdom including; Weymouth, York, Strangford, Kilkeel, Tilbury, Southampton and more.

Please contact Aeon shipping today for more information on our rates and our process for international shipping from the UAE to United Kingdom.

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