Household Goods Moving to Czech Republic

Simple Shipping Process

As one of the best international movers in Czech Republic, we have come up with a simple and easy to understand household shipping procedure which ensures that you take the least time possible when moving your goods from UAE to Czech Republic. Our simple procedure is as follows-:

Pre-move survey – pre-move survey is conducted by one of our shipping experts in your presence to determine the nature and the quantity of the household goods you want to ship from UAE to Czech Republic. The survey is also instrumental in advising you on the best shipping options at your disposal.

Quality Quotation – following the findings of the survey above, we will prepare and present to you a customized quotation giving in details all the costs for shipping your household goods from UAE to Czech Republic.

Actual Shipping – if we are in agreement, we will commence on the actual shipping process at your discretion. It begins with scheduling a pickup for the goods, packing, stuffing as well as ensuring that all the paperwork is in place to facilitate for a smooth shipping process.

Destination Process – before the shipment arrives at the port of entry in Czech Republic, we will inform you in good time about the progress, the customs clearance requirements as well as the delivery schedule through our shipping agents.

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Shipping options of household goods to Czech Republic

In order to take care of the varied needs of our diverse clients, we have different shipping options to suit the needs of each and every client. They include but not limited to the following-:

Air Freight – Air Freight is ideal for use if you are interested in shipping just a small consignment of household goods while the rest are being shipped by sea freight. This method is reliable, fast, convenient but relatively expensive.

Dedicated Containers – With this, only your goods are shipped inside one steel container. No other person is allowed to ship their goods together with yours under this option.

Shared or consolidated container shipping – in shared container shipping, your goods are packed into special shipping boxes then loaded onto steel containers, together with other headed for same destination. This is ideal when you want to avoid the costs associated with dedicated container shipping or you aren’t shipping a lot of household goods to warrant the use of dedicated containers.

Major Ports in Czech Republic

As one of the leading household goods shipping to Czech Republic, our services are available in all the major ports in Czech Republic, including-:

  • Decin Port
  • Usti nad Labem Port
  • Port Praha Radotin
  • Port Kolin
  • Port Melnik
  • Get in touch with us today for superior household goods shipping services from UAE –Dubai to the Czech Republic.

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