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Household Goods Moving to Italy

Our Shipping Process

When it comes to organizing shipments in Italy as well as worldwide our shipping process remains the same:

Our survey: one of the first customer interactions that we have as a company providing household goods shipping to Italy is a customer survey. The pre-move survey is an excellent way for our customers to detail some of the items that they are interested in moving. The idea of this pre-move survey is to understand why you need to move the items as well as how we can prepare packaging, a price and all the customs considerations for your move.

Price quotation: once we go through your initial survey offering we can start to understand just what it will cost to start shipping as international movers to Italy. Our price quote will include all of the considerations required for a simple move. This includes all of the appropriate paperwork, packaging, transportation and logistics costs associated with your move as well as insurance premiums.

Agreement: once you are comfortable with the price that we provide as a quote it's possible to begin drafting an agreement for the acceptance of a quote. The shipping process won't actually occur until you accept our agreement and set a date for the departure. Shipping to Italy will occur as soon as you are comfortable with our shipping agreement and the price outlined on our price quotation.

The shipping process: once you accept our agreement the shipping process begins on your departure date as it lines up with your destination deadline. Actual shipping could take place by picking up goods directly from your door or at a local port. We can then deliver items to most ports in Italy including Pozzallo, Gallipoli, Civitavecchia, Anzio, Porto Cervo, Vasto and others.

The process of destination processing: once your goods arrive at the port are experts on the ground will handle the process of household goods shipping to Italy by delivering directly to your door or notifying you that your shipment has arrived. All of your household items will be cared for upon arrival to Italy and are experts on the ground will handle all of the potential customs forms required for you to pick up your items. The direct to door processing method is one of the most convenient ways to handle shipping from UAE to Italy so we highly recommend this option for the easiest possible processing.

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