Household goods moving to Denmark

Straightforward shipping process

Being one of the leading international movers to Denmark, we have refined our shipping process to ensure expedited movement of your goods from UAE to Denmark. The process is simple, easy to understand yet very effective. We adhere to the following procedures in our household goods shipping from UAE – Dubai to Denmark-:

Pre-move Survey – this is the very first stage in our shipping procedure. One of our shipping experts will visit the premises where you are currently holding the household goods to conduct survey aimed and determining the quantity as well as the nature of the goods. The survey will enable us be in a better position to advise you on the best shipping options as well prepare the right quote for you.

Comprehensive quote – based upon the results of the survey above, we will prepare a conclusive and comprehensive quote detailing all the costs involved in shipping the household goods from UAE – Dubai to your destination of choice in Denmark.

Shipping – once we agree on the cost, we will embark on the shipping process at your discretion. It begins with first scheduling for a pickup of the goods to our warehouses in UAE, packing, stuffing as well as preparing the necessary documentation needed by the custom officials.

Destination Process – After the goods have left the port of origin but not yet arrived at the port of entry in Denmark, we will keep you informed of the entire shipping progress. We will alert you on the arrival dates, the required customs clearing process in Denmark as well as the delivery schedules in case you opted to use our door to door delivery services.

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Shipping options for household goods

We have three distinct shipping methods for those looking for household goods shipping to Denmark. They include the following-:

Dedicated Container shipping – with this option, the shipment is loaded into single steel containers dedicated to shipping your goods alone. No other item is allowed even if there is more space after your goods are loaded.

Consolidated Container shipping – With this option, the goods are packed into specially designed shipping boxes before they are loaded into steel containers for the final shipping. It involves shipping goods from different owners destined for Denmark in the same containers.

Air Freight – Air Freight is the best option if you are looking to ship just a small portion of your goods in advance while the rest arrive by sea freight. It is reliable, efficient and very convenient though it costs relatively higher than the sea freights.

Major Seaports in Denmark

Our services are available in all the major seaports in Denmark, including but not limited to-:

  • Aabenraa
  • Allinge
  • Ebeltoft
  • Faaborg
  • Hadsund
  • Havdrup
  • Korsoer
  • Nakskov
  • Orehoved
  • Nekso
  • Koge
  • Masnedsund
  • Grenaa
  • Brondby
  • Lemvig
  • Hasle
  • Dania
  • Bandholm
  • Ensted
  • Vejle
  • Svendborg
  • Tisted
  • Marstal

Get in touch with us for more details if you are interested in moving household goods from UAE to Denmark.

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