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The process of an international relocation can be filled with a number of different hassles when it comes to organizing your work permits, finding a new place to live as well is making the travel arrangements. With the help of Aeon shipping however it's possible to have all of the comforts of home even if you're planning on relocating to Sweden. We can help to plan out the logistics aspect of shipping your household goods worldwide. For household goods shipping to Sweden as well as international shipping from the UAE worldwide we have a large-scale business network in place.

Whether you are planning on moving to; Stockholm, Malmo, Helsingborg, Gotborg were at the other city in Sweden we can deliver a number of different shipping options that can suit your lifestyle as well. Our company currently offers a number of options including shipping by sea, shipping by air as well as land-based shipping. We can combine any number of views shipping options to give you the best possible deal on the cost of shipping your household items to Sweden. Regardless of the selection that you decide on we can provide you with door to port, or door to door shipping options made to suit your lifestyle. Our experts can even come directly to your home and wrap up all of your belongings at your convenience. By using our professional wrapping and packaging service we can make a detailed manifest of all of the items going into a shipping container so that you can have an easier time on pickup and at the border in the future. It's this type of meticulous detail that speeds the process of shipping and eliminates a number of headaches down the road so that you can have a simple transition as well as a quick delivery for your move. Our team will be sure to handle all of the appropriate customs paperwork to make sure that your items don't get held up at the border and to make sure that all of your household goods shipping to Sweden arrive without hassle.

In order to avoid paying duties on various items that you will be moving from the UAE to Sweden it's also important to keep in mind current rules for shipping goods overseas. If you haven't owned an item with a bill of sale for at least a year you could potentially be paying extra duties on the shipment. When it comes to household goods shipping to Sweden however as long as you have on the items for some time and can produce an inventory list household items can arrive duty-free.

If you have any more questions about the process of shipping to Sweden from Dubai please contact our team immediately.

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