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International Car Shipping Services to Latvia

With over a decade of experience, your car will be shipped in safe hands.

We offer car shipping services at very affordable rates. We handle daily drivers, classic cars, exotic and sports cars or SUVs.

We offer services like; sea Freight Service and Air Freight Service. Aeon Shipping LLC provides the most reliable and genuine international car shipping services from Dubai.

Shipping your car from Dubai to Latvia had never been easier. We ship to main parts of Latvia such as:-

  • Daugavpils
  • Jēkabpils
  • Jelgava
  • Jūrmala
  • Rīga
  • Liepāja

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How to Ship a Car to Latvia

Firstly your import paperwork should be in order. A registered address and identification should be a must when moving to Latvia. Moving a car overseas is a complicated process. A valid proof should be submitted to show the owner has used a vehicle for at least six months before they moved. Certain documents like, a valid driver’s license, original documentation, and registration of the vehicle should be on hand and also original proof of purchase may need to be shown.

Estimate of car costs when shipping a car from Dubai to Latvia

Vehicle Types


Estimate Costs (USD)


Air Freight- Abu Dhabi



Air Freight - Sharjah

1200- 500


Air Freight- Al Ain

1300- 500


Air Freight- Ajman

1250- 500

Standard Saloon

Container rates- - Abu Dhabi

1250- 500

SUV / 4x4

Container rates- Al Ain

1250- 500


Container rates - Sharjah

1250- 500

Aston Martin

Container rates - Ajma

1250- 500

*Prices are estimated. They can vary depending on the season and the type of vehicle.

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We offer the below shipping services to Latvia

Dedicated Container Shipment

We specialize in shipping cars, 4x4’s, Motorhomes, Campervans & Camping trucks to Latvia from the United Arab Emirates offering shipping services on dedicated container services from all major ports in Latvia. This method is relatively expensive however the car will be in a safer environment and closed. As it offers unparalleled protection from collisions and from the foreign elements from the environment. The process of loading a car into a container is a specialized function that’s carefully handled by experts. Shipment duration is about 28-30 days.

What are the Costs Involved when Shipping a Car to Latvia?

Costs to ship a car to Latvia is around $2300 to $2,500

Air Freight Service

If you require your vehicle shipped overseas in a short time span, air freight service is the best option, compared to shipping by sea which can take weeks, your car or motor vehicle is only a flight away from its destination. Shipping a Vehicle via Air Freight is a lot higher compared to a Sea Freight shipment but it's safer and faster. The rates naturally depend on the size of the vehicle. However, vehicles are still required to clear customs which can delay shipments unless documentation is cleared prior to departure.

Air Freight service through its network of global agents will be ideal to ship your car that has a high value or is urgently required at a location.

The transit time frame is between 2 - 10 days depending on the final destination and route taken to the destination

Get in touch with us to arrange a smooth and hassle-free car shipment by air freight.

Information needed to get an airfreight Quote for your car:

  • he Year, Make, Model and Measurements (L x W x H) of the Vehicle.
  • Original Exports Certificate (If permanent export)
  • Original Carnet paper & Trip ticket (If temporary export)
  • Value of the car in AED, EUR, US dollars and confirmation on whether you want insurance or not. (airlines and freight forwarders have limits of liability in case of damage or loss)
  • Mode of Shipment Requested: Airport to Airport, Airport to Door, Door to Airport, Door to Door.
  • Passport and Visa page (Shipper and Consignee) copy also required.
  • Name, mailing address and phone numbers of consignee overseas at the destination.

*If the dimensions/weight provided us is different compared to what we receive at the airport, you will be responsible for the additional costs/charges the majority.

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Main Airports of Latvia

  • Riga International Airport
  • Spilve Airport
  • Jūrmala Airport
  • Liepāja International Airport
  • Ventspils International Airport

How much it cost to ship a car from dubai to Latvia

Ship Your Car To Or From Latvia

Typical Shipping Prices – How Much Does It Cost?

Shipping a car to Latvia from the UAE costs from $2,900 to $5,000, with higher costs associated with larger vehicles and shipments size.

Containerized car shipment is generally the most cost-effective method for shipping a vehicle from the UAE to Latvia.


We provide marine insurance cover for all cars shipped, with cover being in place from the time we collect your vehicle, or take it over at the port of exit if you deliver to the port yourself.

Destination Guide Lines that needs to be considered

Clearing customs in the UAE

Paperwork requirements, customs can seem a bit daunting, however our experienced team will help you through it. Fortunately, the UAE’s customs process is fairly straightforward. You are required to create an inventory (i.e. a detailed list) of all the items you’re bringing into the country, being as thorough and accurate as possible. Customs officials may physically open your shipment and inspect it, so it’s important that everything inside matches up with what’s written in your inventory as mentioned.

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Regulations for Motor Vehicle when shipping to Latvia

When planning to make arrangements to have your vehicle shipped to Latvia, there are important Motor Vehicle Regulations that you need to know and follow about. These are the regulations that Latvia has:

  • Vehicles are only allowed to have a temporary, one-year import status.
  • Vehicles over 7 years old will be charged a value added tax (VAT) of 18%
  • Vehicles under 7 years old will be charged a 10% tax as well as a 10% VAT.
  • All vehicles must be registered in the name of the shipper.
  • Customs will charge the tax rate based on the value of the vehicle. If the value has decreased since originally recorded, customs will go by the customs book on car value to base it on the minimum value listed in the book.

How to Register an imported car to Latvia from Dubai

Documents required to import a motor vehicle

Technical passport -Proof of ownership for a period of at least 6 months

Specific Important Information when shipping a car to Latvia

  • Motor vehicles must be registered in the owner of the goods’ name.
  • Motor vehicles may enter duty free only if owned and operated for a minimum of 6 months and the vehicle meets European requirements.
  • The vehicle must have a valid license plate and third party liability (TPL) insurance policy valid within the entire territory of the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

Car Shipping from Latvia to Dubai

Now you can also ship your car from Latvia to Dubai-UAE

This simple process can be arranged by our agents for a smooth experience with Aeon Shipping LLC.

Certain documents need to be prepared and presented.

There is a wide variety of vehicles that we ship:-

Motor vehicles include cars, Sedans, SUVs, sports cars, classic cars, race cars, vintage cars, overlander type 4×4’s and trucks.

Motorbikes types include bikes, scramblers, superbikes, scooters, dirt bikes, and touring bikes.

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