Terms & Conditions


Payment must be made in full and on time as per the agreed payment schedule. Payment terms are by default Payment In Advance (PIA), unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by both parties. All payments should be received as per the currency mentioned in the invoice, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by both parties. The payment can be made by wire transfer, cheque, or cash. Any other payment method can be used only upon written confirmation from the accounts team.

The customer is responsible for all banking charges incurred in connection with the payment. If a payment is received without the necessary fees being paid, the customer will be responsible for paying these fees or reimbursing Aeon Shipping or its subsidiaries. In the event that the customer cancels or postpones a shipment, Aeon Shipping or its subsidiaries will charge cancellation or rescheduling fees as given below:

Cancellation charges: operational costs + 15% of the overall invoice value
Rescheduling charges: operational costs + AED 1000

The payment of charges must be made in full notwithstanding any deduction, or, withholding and you are not entitled to assert any set off or credit despite a counterclaim or claim you may encounter against Aeon Shipping or its subsidiaries and partner companies by virtue of this agreement or other reasons therein. Aeon / Myspace or its subsidiaries may refuse to deliver or grant access to the cargo / vehicle to you unless all shipment / storage / any other charges accrued due and other such sums have been paid in full.

If the customer disputes any invoice, they must notify Aeon shipping or its subsidiaries, who raised the invoice, in writing within 2 days of receipt of the invoice. Failure to do so will be deemed as acceptance of the invoice and the customer will be responsible for making payment in full. Once a dispute is raised, a final decision will be made by the Aeon shipping accounts team and invoice to be shared again, which will be the final invoice that is to be considered.

If payment is not received by the due date, Aeon Shipping or its subsidiaries reserves the right to charge the following:

1.1) For shipments:

Late payment charges will be applicable from the next calendar day from the due date.

Late Payment schedule:

Day 1 – Day 7: AED 100 per day per shipment + operational costs
Day 8 – Day 14: AED 200 per day per shipment + operational costs
Day 15 – Day 21: AED 300 per day per shipment + operational costs

Other actions:

Day 7: first abandonment notice + cargo access restricted until further notice from the accounts team.
Day 14: second abandonment notice
Day 21: final abandonment notice

1.2) For storages:

Invoice date: 25th of every month
Due date: 1st of the immediate month
3rd of every month: Late payment start notice + cargo access to be restricted until the dues are cleared
14th: storage termination notice
Lock/keys to the storage space will be changed. AED 500 or actual cost whichever is higher will be charged to the customer 3rd – 9th of the month: AED 50 per day late payment fees
10th – 16th of the month: AED 100 per day late payment fees + first abandonment notice + any handling fees
17th – 23rd of the month: AED 200 per day late payment fees + second abandonment notice + any handling fees
24th – 30th of the month: AED 300 per day late payment fees + final abandonment notice + any handling fees

Once the final abandonment notice is sent, Aeon Shipping reserves the right to move your items having regard to the right of lien conferred, to a safe place on-site subject to costs being borne by you. Having sold your items and its contents the ownership will pass as well as proceeds of such sale (i) for the payment of disposal costs, (ii) amount payable to Aeon Shipping by you, (iii) balances left to be held on your behalf. In the event, the amount is insufficient to cover (i) and (ii), disposal costs due are required to be paid by you and outstanding balances must be paid to Aeon Shipping.

Aeon Shipping will proceed to sell your items and its contents having regard to the best method available in achieving the best price obtainable having given due regard to sale costs. In the event, it is impossible to sell your items and its contents economically and reasonably sold or they remain to be left unsold by Aeon Shipping having exercised due diligence in doing so, you will authorize Aeon Shipping to treat the items as abandoned by you and dispose of or destroy them and agree for the payment of disposal costs.


By accepting this quotation, you authorize that any person who comes to deliver or handover the cargo in our warehouse or from a location other than our warehouse shall be deemed an authorized representative to sign any receiving documents (delivery note / check-in report), terms and condition documents on your behalf, provided that you have not previously signed terms and condition documents through e-sign or email agreement. You acknowledge and agree that such signature by your representative shall be deemed equivalent to your signature for all legal purposes related to the shipment.

3.1 Marine Insurance:

As a professional freight forwarding organization every care will be taken with your goods whilst in transit however on very rare occasions, the unexpected can happen, therefore we recommend that the shipper procures a comprehensive insurance cover against accidental damages.':

We can arrange for the below Insurance cover through our partners in insurance:

• All Risk Cover at a premium of 3.5% of the total declared value (Professionally packed by AEON) Minimum premium AED1,500.00.
• All Risk Cover at a premium of 2.5% of the total declared value (Motor Vehicles) Minimum premium AED 1,500.00
• Total Loss Cover at a premium of 0.5% of the total declared value (Owner packed)


Please note each and every item has to be insured without exception/selection. No partial coverage for items/packages for insurance will be accepted. Indicate the quantity for each item. If you have similar items belonging to the same group, but with a different value, please list them separately. The cover will be subject to deductibles, USD 500 per motor vehicle & For all other claims: 0.50% of the shipment value is subject to a minimum of USD 500/- each and every claim.

In case if a shipment is not insured, AEON will not be responsible for any loss, damage or non-delivery of effects, after the completion of packing and removal of cargo.

Our liability for loss or damage is limited to the value up to AED 100/-for each item that is lost or damaged or to the value of the cost of the move, as a direct result of any negligence on our part to cover the cost of repairing or replacing that item.

Other than by reason of negligence, we will not be liable for any loss, damage or failure to produce the goods if it is caused by those circumstances resulting from:

• By fire howsoever caused
• War, invasion, strikes, acts of foreign enemies or other such events outside our reasonable control.
• Normal wear and tear, leakages or evaporation, atmospheric or climatic changes.
• Any damages to goods that are not packed/unpacked by AEON SHIPPING LLC.

3.2 Warehouse Insurance:

3.2.1 The storage facility provides AED 50,000 (per vehicle) insurance coverage for theft, fire, and loss of the stored vehicle (only for indoor storage), through a blanket property insurance policy. The insurance coverage is subject to a deductible of AED 2,000, which shall be borne by the vehicle owner. The vehicle owner must provide all necessary information and documentation required to process the insurance claim, if the need arises. The insurance coverage is valid only for the duration of the storage period, as agreed upon by the vehicle owner and the storage facility. The insurance coverage does not cover any damages or losses resulting from the car not starting, including but not limited to missed appointments, events, or work. The storage facility is not liable for any damages or losses resulting from theft, fire, or loss of the stored vehicle, beyond the insurance coverage limit.
3.2.2 The car owner may opt to purchase additional insurance coverage, subject to availability and the terms and conditions of the insurance provider before bringing your items to the site, you are required to warrant Aeon Shipping or its subsidiary that you have taken all necessary steps to insure your items and its contents on all risk under a valid contract of insurance with an insurance company with repute and you must not allow or cause a lapse in such insurance policy while your items and its contents therein are remaining on site, unless you are offered a policy of insurance by Aeon Shipping or third party appointed therein. You are required to furnish evidence of such policy of insurance to Aeon Shipping.
(a)annually, (new customers may proceed to do so within a period of 14 days bringing the items onto the storage space);
(b)a change in the items details resulting thereby in a change in the policy of insurance;
(c)renewal or expiry of the insurance
3.2.3 Nothing provided under this agreement shall affect statutory rights of the customer, and nothing shall limit or exclude or purport to limit or exclude the liability of Aeon Shipping LCC for;
(a)personal injury or death caused by reason of negligence; or
(b)fraudulent misrepresentation; or
(c)any exclusion or limitation prohibited by written law.
3.2.4 Aeon shipping/ Myspace or its subsidiaries will not be liable for battery deterioration over the period of time even after regular starts as agreed, but will make reasonable efforts to diagnose and resolve the issue, but is not responsible for any damage or repair costs associated with the car not starting.
3.2.5 Aeon shipping / Myspace or its subsidiaries assumes no liability for damage to vehicle or injuries resulting from faulty brakes or other mechanical/technical failure of the vehicle.
3.2.6 Subject to clause 5.9.2, AEON SHIPPING OR ITS SUBSIDIARIES shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to Your Items or Your Items Contents as a result of a breach of this Agreement unless such loss or damage is as a result of AEON SHIPPING OR ITS SUBSIDIARIES negligence or willful default. For each incident or series of associated incidences, such liability shall be limited to the lesser of (i) AED 1000; and
(ii) the actual deductible or excess for your policy of insurance as specified under the agreement. in the event any storage space operator, said charges and amounts are Charges are not paid on the due date for payment, then until such payment is made, AEON SHIPPING OR ITS SUBSIDIARIES is relieved of any liability howsoever arising (including due to AEON SHIPPING OR ITS SUBSIDIARIES negligence and willful default) and the Items and/or Items Contents are stored entirely at Your risk.
3.2.7 As set out in the agreement herein the Aeon Shipping or its subsidiaries shall not be liable whether in contract, tort, or misrepresentation or otherwise for loss, damage or destruction of the items or contents therein.
3.2.8 Other liability apart from those already mentioned by virtue of any termination or breach of the agreement or other obligation in connection to or arising out of the agreement, or delay or failure in the performance of the agreement (by reason of negligence or otherwise) are limited to amount to be made to the Aeon Shipping or its subsidiaries within the calendar year on which said liability has arisen. ,

3.3 - Claims:

All claims for loss or damage to the goods must be notified in writing at the time of delivery, advising on the approximate value and nature of loss/damage. Initial written notification of such loss or damage must be reported within 3 days of delivery of the goods.

The time limit for notifying us of your claim may be extended upon receipt of your written request provided such request is received within 7 days of delivery. Consent to such a request will not be unreasonably withheld. In the absence of these notifications, the client hereby waives or agrees to waive all claims for loss or damage.

4.1 - Our Quotation

Our quotations are provided with validity, upon its expiry quote may change accordingly. Current carrier tariff and its surcharges are included in our quote. Any variation in the Freight (sea/air) or any surcharges at the time of executing the shipment will be prorated accordingly.
We may change the price or make additional charges if any of the following have not been taken into account when preparing our quotation and confirmed by us in writing.
You do not accept it in writing or signing the job agreement, with a firm removal date to which we agree.
Our costs increase or decrease because of currency fluctuations or changes in taxation or freight charges beyond our control from the carrier or service vendors.
The work is carried out on a Friday or Public Holiday at your request.
We have to collect or deliver goods above the ground and first upper floor.
We supply any additional services, including moving or storing extra goods (these conditions apply to such work)
The stairs, lifts or doorways are inadequate for free movement of the goods without mechanical equipment or structural alteration, or the approach, road or drive is unsuitable for our vehicles and/or containers to load and/or unload within 20 meters of the doorway, which means extra work.
There are delays or events outside our reasonable control, or dependency on third parties as per common industry practice.
Shipment which is exported under exit paper and trip ticket will go under customs inspection and there will be an additional charge of USD 150.00 or more applicable.
Aeon Shipping will not hold any responsibility for the security deposits for exit paper shipments.
Unless otherwise stated our quote does not include any kind of insurance or guarantee towards the commodity, customs clearance, customs duties and inspections or any other fees payable to government bodies / related departments (unless until included in quote)

4.2 - Work not included in our quotation

Unless agreed by us in writing we will not:
Dismantle or assemble furniture of any kind.
Disconnect, reconnect, dismantle or re-assemble appliances, fixtures, fittings or equipment.
Take up or lay floor coverings.
Move items from a loft, unless properly lit, and floored and safe access is provided.
Dismantle or assemble garden furniture and equipment including, but not limited to: sheds, Greenhouses, garden shelters, outdoor play equipment, and satellite dishes, or move paving slabs, planters and the like. Our staff (AEON) are not authorized or qualified to carry out such work. We recommend that a properly qualified person is separately employed by you to carry out these services.

4.3 - Your responsibility:

It will be your sole responsibility to:
Vehicle should be cleaned at the time of handover/pickup if no additional charges will be applicable for cleaning.
Declare to us the value of the goods being removed and/or stored.
Arrange adequate insurance cover for the goods submitted for removal transit and/or storage, against all insurable risks.
Obtain at your own expense, all documents and permissions (building or properties approvals) necessary for the removal to be completed.
Be present or represented throughout the removal as it will be your responsibility for the security of your goods at Origin and Destination.
Where we provide you with inventories, receipts, waybills, job sheets or other relevant documents, you will ensure that they are signed by you or your authorized representative as confirmation of collection or delivery of the goods.
Take all reasonable steps to ensure that nothing is taken away in error or left behind.
Prepare adequately and stabilize all appliances or electronic equipment prior to their removal.
Empty properly, defrost / clean refrigerators and deep freezers, we are not responsible for the contents. Washing machines to be drained and locked. Ensure that all domestic and garden/ appliances, including petrol lawn mowers are clean and dry and have no residual fluid left in them.
Provide us with a contact address for correspondence during the removal transit and /or storage of goods.
Other than by reason of our negligence, we will not be liable for any loss or damage, costs or additional charges that may arise from any of these matters.

4.4 Goods not to be submitted for removal or storage:

The following items are specifically excluded from this contract.
• Jewelry, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, or items of precious nature.
• Potentially dangerous, damaging or explosive items, including gas bottles, aerosols, paints, firearms and ammunition. Plants or goods likely to encourage vermin or other pests or to cause infestation.
• Refrigerated or frozen food or drink.
• Any animals and their cages or tanks including pets, birds or Fish.
• Goods which require special license or government permission for export or import.
• Restricted by carrier and customs

If you submit such goods without our knowledge and prior written agreement, we will not be liable for any loss/damage and you will indemnify us against any charges, expenses, damages or penalties claimed against us. In addition, we shall be entitled to dispose of (without notice) any such goods which are listed under paragraphs: c and d.

4.5 Ownership of the goods:

By entering into this contract, you declare that:
The goods to be removed and/or stored are your own property, or
The person(s) who own or have an interest in them, have given you authority to make this contract, and have been made aware of these conditions.
You will meet any claims for damages and/or costs against us if these declarations are not true.

4.6 Paying for the Removal:

Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing:
Payment is required, by cleared funds as advance as agreed of the removal or storage period mentioned in the quotation.
Payment should be settled immediately from the date of shipment collection to initiate the shipment. Failing to finalize the invoice, for Automobiles AED 60 per unit per day and for HHG AED 1 per sqft per day will be charged for storage from the date of shipment collection.

Our Final Invoice will be based on the actual weight / volume packed and transported.

4.7 Express Shipments:

The Final Invoice will be based on the chargeable weight (either actual or volumetric) whichever is higher.
Actual weight of a package should not exceed 60 kg if exceeded additional charges applicable
Additional charges may be applicable for remote area delivery.
Shipment will be open and checked by the carrier in absence of customers subject to security inspection and restricted items will be removed from the shipment.
Restrictions for Air freight - Food items | Batteries |Cosmetics | Perfumes | Liquid Products | Pressurized | Jewelries’ | Coins & Bank Notes
Volume weight calculation for Air freight: Length X Height X Width / 5000

4.8 – Transit time, waiting time and Delays:

Other than by reason of our negligence, we will not be liable for delays in transit if through no fault of our own, we are unable to deliver your goods, we will take them into our stores. The Agreement will then be fulfilled and any additional services including storage and delivery will be at your expense.
Transit times are still estimated and subject to change at any time. Transit times and estimated times of arrival supplied by the carrier is in no way guaranteed by them & delivery date is subjected to customs clearance; subsequently, AEON SHIPPING LLC cannot accept any responsibility or claims for compensation for early or late arrivals. Consolidation/Shared shipping option is subject to load volume; hence the waiting time could extend or reduce accordingly.

4.9 – Storage Terms:

Unless otherwise agreed all storage payments are payable on a monthly basis (one-month storage charges should be paid as a deposit) and prior to delivery of the shipment from the warehouse.
In the event storage payments are not received on the due date mentioned in the invoices, AEON and our partner reserve the right to dispose of the said shipment and recover the payments due. It is the responsibility of the owner of the goods to arrange for insurance while the goods are in storage. If insurance is to be arranged by AEON, we would need the detailed valued inventory prior to the commencement of the storage period.
All contracts are performed in accordance with the Standard Trading Terms and Conditions of Aeon Shipping LLC-Cargo Services Division (copy available on request) limiting our role and Liability as an intermediary.

5.1 Appointment and Term

Aeon shipping or its subsidiaries licenses you but no other person:
(a)to store the Items at the storage space in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; and
(b)subject to clause 5.2, to have access to the Items at any time during the Access Hours (including to remove the Items from the Site or return the Items to the Site).
Subject to early termination in accordance with this Agreement, this Agreement will take effect on the Storage Start Date and will continue until the Storage End Date unless renewed by both parties for a further agreed period in accordance with clause 5.7.

5.2 Third parties and access

Only you, or persons accompanied by you or persons with written authorization by you may have access to your items. Persons visiting the premises are required to be vested with valid identification. You will be liable for any form of actions or omissions by such persons as if it were your own. Aeon Shipping is entitled to exercise its sole discretion at any given time in purporting to refuse access to you or any such persons authorized by you at any time if it is satisfied that the safety of the site, security, or such person is put to risk.
No access will be permitted to the items for the purpose of avoiding doubt outside of the hours of access. Aeon shipping will provide you with due written notice in advance of a change in hours of access notwithstanding the fact that Aeon Shipping reserves its right to make requisite changes to its hours of access to render reasonable access at any given time.
For the purpose of showing the items to potential and future buyers, you are required to access the site during the hours of access, wherein it will be mandatory for you to obtain prior authorization from Aeon Shipping prior to enabling such persons to access the storage space or site.
You are required to procure such persons with prior authorization by you to ensure the compliance of said terms of the agreement at all and at any given time.

5.3 Rights of the storage space operator

The Aeon Shipping or its subsidiaries shall retain the right of lien in general on your items and its contents therein for the purpose of paying all charges and every charge due on your part which has been left unpaid on the date in which it is due. The Aeon Shipping or its subsidiaries retains the right of lien and having given you due notice in writing of the amount due may exercise such right at any given time. Granted that the debt owed by you under the lien exercised is left unpaid by the date on which it is due, Aeon shipping retains the right to sell, dispose of or move the items and its contents or any part thereof at your expense and risk forthwith.
Aeon Shipping reserves the right to refuse access to you and those persons authorized by you to the site and items and relevant charges may be purported to be accrued. The items and its contents therein shall only be released upon the payment of sums due in full notwithstanding whether such amounts have been invoiced or not.
The cargo owner agrees to allow Aeon / MySpace or its subsidiaries and staff to move the cargo / vehicle around the facility as needed. Access to the storage area is only allowed while being accompanied by one of our staff members and only during business hours.
Aeon Shipping will be permitted by you for the purpose of entering your items at any given time without prior notice to you (as it is considered necessary for Aeon Shipping to gain access by breaking its lock).
(a) Where Aeon Shipping has reasonable cause to believe the items comprises of articles specified under clause 5.4.2 or the items is being used in breach of clause 5.4.3, Aeon Shipping retains the right to affect such entry incidental to the powers to be exercised by Aeon Shipping with that regard as it may seem expedient and necessary to do so.
(b) Aeon Shipping may purport to do so by court order, fire services, local authority or police,
(c) If Aeon Shipping deems it a situation of emergency,
(d) for the purpose of preventing damage or injury to property or persons.

5.4 Obligations and warranties

5.4.1 throughout the agreement, you shall warrant that the items and its contents belong to you, is your sole property or you have been granted irrevocable authority for the storage of the items and or its contents in accordance with the terms, and conditions of this agreement by such persons to whom it belongs or has an interest or owns and you act as an agent that has been duly authorized.
5.4.2 The following articles must not be stored in your items for no reason whatsoever;
(a) food items, or perishable items unless packed securely and do not attract or are protected against vermin.
(b) animals, fish, birds or any such other creatures,
(c) you must not store gas containers in your items such articles must be subject to removal from the site whenever it may seem practical or reasonable. Where it appears to be impracticable, you may store only a maximum of two containers provided that you have separated them from all other appliances, flammable or combustible liquids or materials inter alia paint, gas, petrol, cleaning materials.
(d) Firearms, ammunition, weapons or explosives.
(e)biological items, radioactive substances, chemicals
(f)asbestos, toxic materials or waste, or such other materials deemed dangerous in nature,
(g)items, goods, substances deemed illegal or obtained by illegal means
5.4.3 Vehicle owner or their representative must provide a spare set of keys for the vehicle.
5.4.4 It is your sole responsibility to ensure that all ownership documentation and other such documentation (as required and requested by Aeon / Myspace or its subsidiaries) is provided prior to presentation of the vehicle for storage.
5.4.5 You warrant that all information provided by you in respect of the vehicle and yourself is true, accurate and correct. It is your sole responsibility to keep your contact details up to date and to notify Aeon / Myspace or its subsidiaries of any changes to your address or contact information.
5.4.6 If the vehicle cannot be started and needs to be towed or battery replaced, the car owner is responsible for arranging or paying for the such service.
5.4.7 you must not or permit any other person
(a) do any act in the said items or site that causes a nuisance to Aeon Shipping or any person (s) present at the site;
(b)do any act in the items or site that seeks to invalidate the insurance policies of Aeon Shipping or any such other persons who occupy said premiums that are payable or site;
(c)Occupy the items as accommodation, or home or use as offices or as the official address of the business;
(d)cause damage or destruction to any other items or property present on site;
5.4.8 You or persons with your written authorization shall;
(a) Exercise reasonable care and take all steps having exercised reasonable care with regard to your items, site, and property of Aeon Shipping and the others present on site.
(b) Inform or take all reasonable steps to inform Aeon Shipping of any defect or damage to the items with immediate effect
(c) take reasonable steps in complying with the directions of Aeon Shipping’s employees on-site, and any other regulations in place to ensure the security and safety of Aeon Shipping’s site.
(e) ensure your items has been taxed or declared accordingly;
(f) ensure your items is placed on the storage space at all times, and if it is moved away for such other reasonable reason by you, Aeon Shipping retains the right to return your items back to its original position
(g) take all reasonable steps in ensuring your items are properly locked and secure from potential unauthorized entry at any given time.

5.4.9 You or such other persons authorized by you must ensure health, safety, security or other similar or applicable rules are observed and complies made available on site whenever required while your items are retained on site.
5.4.10 You hereby agree that you indemnify Aeon Shipping LLC for any losses, damages, costs, liabilities, or/and claims incurred by Aeon Shipping inc consequence of any breach of any of the aforementioned warranties or by you.

5.5 Non-exclusivity

5.5.1 this agreement does not;
(a) confer to your exclusive possession of the storage space, and Aeon Shipping may have provided you due notice in writing for not less than 28 days require you to move your items from the existing storage space to another, or a more secure location at the site at your own risk and cost;
(b) constitute Aeon Shipping as bailee of your items and its contents therein, and the items and its contents are stored solely at your risk. Unless otherwise prohibited by written law, you agree that you exclude Aeon Shipping LLC of all obligations pertaining to acting as bailee of your items and its contents.

5.5.2 You must arrange to move your items at your own cost in the event you fail to arrange to move your items and its contents by the date on which Aeon Shipping has purported to specify or by virtue of due notice given thereof.

5.6 Change of items and change of ownership

5.6.1 When including facts on the storage contract or application, you must agree that you will state the length of shipping your items, and acknowledgment must be provided on the amount payable for storage of your items on the basis of that shipping length.
5.6.2 While this agreement is in force and you are in need of storing a substitute item to be placed at Aeon Shipping’s storage space, you must furnish a change of details and Aeon Shipping retains the right of varying charges in relation to the payment of an upgrade fee.
5.6.3 Aforementioned upgrade fee pertains to;
(a) The size and dimensions of new items in comparison to the items originally agreed to between the parties at the time of the agreement coming into force;
(b) the upgrade fee is likely to be low on the month within which the change is to materialize and nearer the date lower would the charge be to which the agreement relates.
(c) a change is required to take place on the storage space which was allocated originally by virtue of clause 5.6.5.
5.6.4 amount payable by virtue of clause 5.6.3 will take immediate effect on demand and by you. A right will be reserved by Aeon Shipping in varying the requisite charges under and by virtue of this clause.
5.6.5 You agree for Aeon Shipping to make alterations in the storage space, in addition to the additional charges paid by you for the purpose of accommodating the substitute items and you will be required to furnish details in a new document or form following a request made by Aeon Shipping and the movement of the items will take place at your own risk and cost.
5.6.6 for the purpose of avoiding doubt, you must acknowledge the payment of upgrade charges referred to under clause 5.6 notwithstanding the alteration of the pit or not.
5.6.7 In the event of an election made by you to transfer or sell the items or its contents while this agreement is in force, you must acknowledge that the clauses of this agreement will become applicable. In the event the new owner wishes to have the items and its contents therein remain in the storage space according to the clauses of the agreement for the rest of the term, a new customer form must be entered into between the new owner and you. You acknowledge that you continue to be liable for the compliance and charges inclusive of insurance obligation of the items and its contents under the agreement until the customer form between the new owner and you has been furnished to completion.

5.7 Renewal and Termination

5.7.1 A payment application will be issued by Aeon Shipping in relation to new customers and this payment is required to be made in cleared funds prior to placing the items on the storage space and start date of storage. Existing customers anticipating the renewal of the agreement are required to agree on new terms and conditions. Upon the receipt of the payment in full, an invoice is to be issued by Aeon Shipping.
In the event you are an existing customer who does not in fact anticipate the renewal of storage of your items at the site, Aeon Shipping must be provided written notice by you one month before the end date and you will have until the deadline for materializing the removal of your items off the site. The agreement between you and Aeon Shipping will be subject to immediate effect.
5.7.2 in the event you fail to duly remove your items and its contents from the sire by the end of the duration stipulated in the customer form, and you have failed to make the applicable payment in due course for the period stipulated, you are deemed to have accepted this agreement and continuation of the terms in existence and the exercise of the right of lien may become applicable in this instance. Aeon Shipping LLC reserves the right of removal of the items and its contents under and by virtue of the agreement.
In the event you do not wish to place your items and its contents at the site, you are required to communicate such intention to Aeon Shipping who thereby will not be under obligation to give you a refund of prepaid charges. You must furnish written notice and proceed with the payment of sums payable under the remainder of the term of the contract in order for such notice to become effective.
5.7.3 A breach of the agreement by you inclusive of failing to make due payments of charges, entitles Aeon Shipping LLC to terminate this agreement at any given time upon giving 14 days’ notice to you in writing, and you must agree immediately on the removal of the items and its contents.
5.7.4 upon your failure in collecting your items and contents on the date of expiration, early termination of this agreement will take place, or after you are notified by Aeon Shipping for its collection, Aeon Shipping reserves the right to move your items having regard to the right of lien conferred, to a safe place on-site subject to costs being borne by you. Having sold your items and its contents the ownership will pass as well as proceeds of such sale (i) for the payment of disposal costs, (ii) amount payable to Aeon Shipping by you, (iii) balances left to be held on your behalf. In the event, the amount is insufficient to cover (i) and (ii), disposal costs due are required to be paid by you and outstanding balances must be paid to Aeon Shipping.
5.7.5 Aeon Shipping will proceed to sell your items and its contents having regard to the best method available in achieving the best price obtainable having given due regard to sale costs. In the event, it is impossible to sell your items and its contents economically and reasonably sold or they remain to be left unsold by Aeon Shipping having exercised due diligence in doing so, you will authorize Aeon Shipping to treat the items as abandoned by you and dispose of or destroy them and agree for the payment of disposal costs.

5.8 General

5.9.1 Each provision in the agreement can be severed and be made distinct from other provisions.
5.9.2 Any modification, alteration and, or erasure to the agreement should be in written form as well as signed and duly authorized thereof by the representative of the parties concerned.
5.9.3 This is an agreement that is made personal to you, and you must not charge, assign, or license, or purport to transfer benefits or embark on the granting of rights under the agreement unless specifically provided to do so. Where two or more individuals are involved, they shall be jointly and severally liable for the respective obligations and liabilities arising under the agreement thereof.
5.9.4 notice under the agreement may be served via email, personally or by registered post.
5.9.5 This agreement will comprise the entirety of the agreement between said parties and extinguishes and supersedes any previous agreement, representation, undertaking, arrangement, or warranty taken place between the parties involved, and any statements or representations whether either in writing or made orally elsewhere are excluded provided that liability or right of parties involved in relation to pre-contractual statements given or made fraudulently.
5.9.6 The terms and conditions forming part of this agreement are to be construed, governed, and taken effect according to UAE Law. Any matter arising thereof in consequence of this agreement will be subject to and governed under the exclusive jurisdiction of UAE Courts.

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