What is Dubai customs clearance?

The clearance of customs is a universal procedure that could be seen in literally every part of the world. It is what enables the exchange or the import or export of goods between countries.

The process of customs clearance can be quite an intimidating area of shipment, specifically in relation to new countries. Most of the time shippers would be required to carry out their part in assessing the customs clearance procedures.

In short, the clearance of customs is what would permit the transportation of goods from one country to another through a broker. Customs brokers would essentially help importers and would act as a middleman for shippers when engaging in their business of customs.

When toy decide to pass goods through Dubai’s border, or anywhere else really, taxes and charges will be levied on them. Essentially, the clearance of customs in Dubai or annywhere else contributes to the development of revenue of a country and the protection of the country’s revenue. Clearing process will become complete upon the payment of the charge and submission of paperwork signalling verification prior to the processing of your package.

General procedure on clearing tarifs and charges

Verification of your paperwork

Once you complete filing out the paperwork for the shipment of your items, an officer will proceed to verify the authenticity and accuracy of your information. It is worthy to note that a commercial invoice would be mandatory in the case of shipments made internationally. Once the authorities signal the verification of your paperwork, the listing of the contact details of the receiver and shipper takes place. Your shipment must also include the bill number and date of export.

Checks by officers of customs

If you were wondering who goes through the applicable fees on your shipment when transporting them from one country to another, that would be the checks by a customs officer. This is however dependent on a variety of factors synch as domestic rules and regulations, the type of goods being shipped, anf finally their value. If the customs officer observes that the goods being shipped exceed the tax bracket, your goods will be subject to through inspection to ensure the due payment of taxes.

Duties and payment of taxation

Where the payment of taxes is concerned, two options exist, this includes, Deliver Duty Paid (DDP) and Deliver duty Unpaid (DDP). The authorities would most often peruse the due payment of charges and taxes and the existence of taxes that are outstanding. DDP concerns taxes that have been paid while DDU is an indication that the due taxes have not been paid. Services for this is available at a price that is fixed and at a label, although you must be prepared to incur costs as this is an expensive service. Most brokers operate independently at varied fees and charges.

It is interesting to note that total fee you pay on your shipment will include delayed payments, storage, brokerage and other fees applicable.

Releasing your shipment

Upon the payment of your dues, which includes duties and taxes applicable, your shipment wll be released. The shipping of the foods to the point of destination will take place upon ensuring the property handling of duties and paperwork.

What is the Dubai customs clearance procedure?

While every emirate of the United Arab Emirates is vested with customs procedures that facilitate compliance that are unique to each one, the Federal Customs Authority governs all such procedures.

Where Dubai Customs Clearance is concerned, customs policies are designed and implemented by the Federal Customs Authority. Customs regulations as well as laws and its implementation is also monitored by the FCA. the representation of the UAE within as well as outside of its domestic territories are carried out by the FCA.

Customs laws are formulated uniquely by each emirate, whilst also adhering to customs law of the GCC, and as such Dubai Customs Clearance must be in compliance to such rules.

The departments of customs clearance within the UAE include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al Khaimah, Ajman and Fujairah.

Documentation required in the customs clarence process in Dubai

The importing or exporting of items are exciting as they create opportunities and wealth for persons as well as a country. The customs clarence procedure in Dubai thereby is one step in the process that would undeniably ensure the smooth sailing of the process for you. So, as chaotic as it sounds, getting your documentation ready is one step towards the right direction in the successful exportation or importation of goods beyond the borders of a country.

Dubai customs clearance for businesses

Where the process of Dubai customs clearance of businesses are concerned, this department is considered one of the forerunners in the integration of technology into the business arena. Services of Dubair customs clearance can now be delivered by electronic means in order to ensure standards of high quality of services. Businesses can obtain services through the dubai trade portal, which is known to deliver services.

Complete paperwork that is proper runs the basis of internation commercial and trading activities. Familiarising yourself with the terms unique to each country, and in this case Dubai will let you efficiently move your goods across borders through the clearance of customs. Information to familiarise yourself with and be thorough with include that about the shipment, the purpose of shipment and most importantly your business.

There really is nothing more inconvenient than delayed cargo that could put your transaction as well as the quality of your goods in jeopardy, so be sure to double check every step of ensuring the proper completion of filing out your paperwork.

Some of the mandatory documentation in your process of customs clearance in Dubai include, original bill of lading, invoice of the letterhead of the shipper that is an original that has been adequately signed and stamped, original of the packing list, origin certificate, phytosanitary (food), health certificate (food), certificate of analysis (food).

As per the bill of lading, it must specify the names of the consignee, the shipper, port of loading and unloading, type of container as well as number, the description of your foods, quantity and number of pellets, gross and netweight.

The commercial invoice must contain particulars such as, the consignee’s and shipper’s name, S code, origin country, date and invoice number, good’s description, number or pellets and quantity, weight, and stamped and signed letterhead of the shipper.

Particulars to be included in the packing list are; the consignee’s and shipper’s name, S code, origin country, good’s description, number or pellets and quantity, weight, and stamped and signed letterhead of the shipper. This list is common in the case of documentation such as phytosanitary, and certificate of origin.

The calculation and payment of customs clearance duties in Dubai

It would be always interesting and efficient to be aware of the taxes and charges imposed on your goods in advance, as this will let your prepare for what is to come.

The duties paid by you as customs are calculated having given due regard to the Customs Frieght Insurance (CIF) value of your products.

Common tariffs have been imposed within the region of GCC and this includes customs carrying 5% taxation of the goods. A duty of 50% is levied on sweetened drinks and beverages, carbonated items and alcohol and devices of e smoking to a surcharge of 100%.

It is interesting to observe that agricultural and pahramaceutical items go free of taxes, while products concerning pigs, guns, tobacco and alcohol will be subject to strict restrictions.

If your gooda re valued at over AED 1000, then a charge of 5% will be imposed on the shipment of your goods.

If you wish to obtain further information on the terms free of charges of UAE customs, you will find the relevant legislation under the common customs law of the GCC, while the FCA united customs tariffs on articles upon its entrance to the states within the UAE.

Request for the registration of business

As part of services of Dubai customs clearance, businesses can now go on to register the with customs for the purpose of engaging in transactions with Dubai customs that are both legal and official.

An application completed by the business must be submitted through channels available. Upon the payment of the requisite fees, businesses will be able to receive an email necessitating the registration of the company as well as their Customs Code.

This service offered by Dubai customs is as efficient as it gets since the service is made available whenever. Service can be completed within the span of one working day.

AED 100.00 will have to be paid as service fees and AED 20 as innovation and knowledge fees.

The same service will be made applicable for the renewal of registration by Dubai customs clearance. Services can be obtained for a fee of AED 25.

Request for the amendment of business registration

The amendment of business registration as well as information on this procedure can be obtained from Dubai customs clearance. This service will not charge fees unless the requirement is for the addition of a whole new type of business, which will cost approximately AED 100. You will be required to submit a copy of your trade licence.

Request for warehouse license

The service of warehouse licesing is undertaken by Dubai Customs Clearance. Warehouses are typically used by businesses for the purpose of storing goods as supervised by the customs authorities for a specific period of time without having to make the payment on customs duties.

Obtaining a license for a private warehouse would be approximately AED 25,000 while public warehouse license would be around AED 150,000.

In order to obtain this service, the documents you will be required to submit include, last audit report, bank or cash guarantee, copy of your trade license, system of inventory, copy of certificate for the purpose of verifying lease or ownership.

Under this facet, Dubai customs clearance also offers the services of renewal and cancellation of licenses, should the need arise.

Dubai customs clearance for individuals

Not only does Dubai customs clearance reserve its services for businesses, but individuals can also get their hands on a variety of customs related services. Department counters serve as places such customers can go to for the purpose of completing these transactions.


The declaration of clearance for your transaction for which you would wish to move your goods is necessary when initiating the service of customs clearance in Dubai. This is necessary when exporting, importing, transit, transferring or the temporary admission of your goods. To begin, you will have to submit documents such as the origin certification, permission from the relevant authorities if the good concerned is restricted or regulated, and the packing list.

Import, export and transit will cost from AED 15 - 100, while transfer and admission temporarily will cost AED 80 and AED 100 respectively.

Amendment (H3)

This service offered by customs clearance authorities in Dubai is helpful for customers seeking to amend the information of their transaction. Approval of the authorities will be necessary in case you wish to amend such information. It is worthy to note that an AED 500 fine will be imposed when amending information of goods of invoice level. You will not be permitted to make an declaration of amendment if your case concerns a collected claim, if it undergoing the process of being audited, issued makkasa or the time limit to make the declaration has lapsed.


You can opt for this service under Dubai customs clearance services if you wish to cancel the declaration of your goods. The required documents will be based on the type of claim, or the type of goods concerned in the transaction.

You will not be permitted to resort to the cancellation of the declaration of your goods under Dubai customs clearance if they have already been released. Further it is unavailable if your case concerns a collected claim, if it undergoing the process of being audited, issued makkasa or the time limit to make the declaration has lapsed. Cancellation of declaration will impose an AED 300 fine on the customer.

What concerns information on RAFED?

Dubai customs clearance may require such information to be shared for the safety of the public at large. This is vitalt to expose activities that seem suspicious, malpractice, fraudulent activities or corruption.

Members of the community are thereby encouraged to assist the authorities to ensure the maintenance of a stable society as well as security. Identity of the informant or submitter will always be handled discreetly and in secret to ensure they are kept safe.

Request for opinion

Where this very important service of Dubai customs clearance is concerned, competent teams would work around the clock to provide opinions on technical matters and recommendations for customers who need them. The opinions offered cover a wide range of subject matter, which include; tariffs, valuation of customs, economic and origin agreements, customs duties that have undergone suspension, goods that are restricted or prohibited, as well as notices of customs.

Appeals on Dubai customs clearance decisions

Parties might sometimes be aggrieved by the decisions of the authorities concerning Dubai customs clearance, and this is quite normal. If you are a party badly affected by a decision of the authorities, well there’s light at the end of the tunnel for you. Customers may appeal against the decision rendered to them by the customs clearance authorities of Dubai.

A step by step procedure is in existence if you are objecting to the decision given to you, and an appeal can be made for the resolution of such disputes. Redress is available in matters concerning tariff on customs, prohibited or restricted goods, legal matters, economic and origin agreements, duties that have been suspended as well as the valuation of customs.

So to initiate this process, you will have to submit documentation to that would support your cause. This includes a copy of the decision of the customs clearance authority in Dubai, evidence to support your appeal and your letter of justification.

Other documentation required include, a letter containing details and documents in support of your matter addressing the Appeals Committe head. A request for conciliation settlement which has been signed, and a receipt of the payment of half of the fine which has been imposed and it must be less than 50,000 dirhams.

Should you retain the services of a customs broker?

Is it necessary?

Well, the decision of whether or not you are to obtain the services of a broker is completely up to you. Always keep in mind that you are free to act independently in determining and familiarising yourself in dubai customs clearance procedures, and guidelines to meet the required standard. However, it is also important to note that these procedures might not always be simple and concise. It may even be tedious and difficult to understand - sometimes even professionals encounter trouble in deciphering rules and regulations.

Further, if the country to which you are hoping to ship goods to or from is foreign, familiarizing yourself with the rules that have already been set is important to avoid potential issues. Tis is why we observe individuals as well as companies retaining the services of brokerage firms in Dubai that specify in customs clearance.

A customs broker when dealing with clearance in Dubai ill be extremenly profitable as they would assis you with the paperwork, save your time of going through all that avoidable trouble and even when inspecting your goods and products. Trading internationally afterall is on a different level, and hence retaining the services of brokers who are certified and are the best at what they do when they do it would be highly profitable and ocnvenient for you, the customer to get by the Dubai customs clearance process.


For one, a broker will ensure that you are aligned with the adherence to regulation of customs, and to add to this, that proper care will be given to ensure your goods are kept safe. Customs officers often are aware of the plight of handling goods the wrong way, and if they are not in compliance to customs rules and regulations.

You will be certain to avoid unnecessary problem and issues that could be avoided, that could potentially cause delays in shipment, this in turn will assist your business in making profits instead of losses. Opportunities by trade agreements are also highly beneficial for companies, and such international trade agreements to keep an eye out on include; JPEPA, EFTA and ASEAN.

Customs brokerks while always wanting to get the job done would also be self aware. Meaning they would know whether or not they are able to handle the items or articles you are looking to ship. In which case, your items will be differed to a method that is safe for your shipment and profitable to you.

Having a source that is external promises the efficient and proper evaluation of your items as well as the reasons attributed to its shipment. You will most certain;y be able to obtains solid advice suitable to your business through the inculcation of a stong and reliable relationship with the brokerage firm.

Its almost certain that you wll be at the top of your game where the documentation of your goods are concerned. They will educate you and ensure you have all of your documents properly filled and ready in time for the transaction - we all mean business here.

Noncomplicance of Dubai customs clearance

In the even customs officers notice inconsistencies in the information provided to the, you will be required to produce cusom reocncilliation. If there are inconsistencies in weight, value or quantity in transit in figures with the declaration made while you transit out, that will be regarded as noncompliance.

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