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We have 10+ years’ experience in this field and we have always remained a great value and trust to our dear customers. Providing a hassle-free shipping service and we will help throughout the way. Worldwide/Internationally moving companies that are trustworthy, reliable and safe to ship car, Van, Truck, 4×4 runner, Jeep, from Dubai to Finland. You can contact us for a detailed quote for your vehicle.

Servicing 130 countries our team expertise to handle every aspect of the shipment. Aeon Shipping LLC is here to offer you the fastest, most reliable, and affordable shipping services between all main ports and any destination in Finland.

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We at Aeon shipping have 10+ years of experience in the field and set the highest standards of quality in shipping vehicles, household goods, boats, oversized and project cargoes. Be it few boxes or an entire villa or office with complex dismantling and re-fixing - we have developed a great team with high professionalism and experience with the know-how of the entire process. We are your best logistics partner who understands your requirements and assists you throughout your move.

Airfreight, sea freight, land freight, land-locked country logistics and remote locations we have access to carry out your logistics requirement with great care and equipped with an extensive network of well-experienced partners in every nook and corner of the world.

Apart from customer service we have move-coordinators to act as a single point of contact from the time we agree to partner in moving your goods. Highly organised and transparent service will leave you with a wow experience when you complete your move.

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Documentation for Shipping to Finland from Dubai

Detailing the documents needed for duty-free import and the specific policies of a country, these comprehensive guides help you ensure that the processes go as smoothly as possible to ship your motor vehicle to Finland from Dubai.

Documents Required -

Proof of Ownership ( Usually Certification of title/registration )

Specific Information that a customer needs to know to ship a car to Finland.

All vehicles subject to taxes; however, the car tax on one taxable private vehicle imported by the owner of the goods at the transfer of the normal place of residence is reduced by a maximum of Euro 13,450 if the following three conditions are met:

The owner of the goods has stayed abroad continuously for at least 12 months immediately before moving to Finland.

The vehicle has been in the ownership, or in the possession leading to ownership, of the owner of the goods or a spouse and in the owner of the goods’ use abroad for at least six months immediately before the move to Finland.

If the owner of the goods has previously brought in a vehicle free of tax, it is required that the time limit within which that vehicle may not be transferred without payment of tax has expired before his moving to Finland.

A tax reduction will not be granted to a person under the age of 18 nor a person who has previously lived in Finland and stayed abroad mainly for educational or study purposes.

Vehicles imported duty-free by a foreigner are subject to the prohibition on the sale, hire, and transfer of the vehicle for 3 years, one of which must be in Finland.

Motor vehicles imported from within the EU are subject to the Finnish Value Added Tax (VAT) Act and Car Tax Act.

As a rule, VAT is not collected in Finland on vehicles imported as removal goods from within the EU.

Additionally, below mentioned documents also needs to be prepared along with these:-

  • Passport Copy
  • UAE Visa
  • Export Certificate
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International Car Shipping Services to Finland

Dedicated Container

The cost to ship a car in a container to Finland is around $2,100 to $3,500. To get the current rate on shipping please contact our team via live chat. You can choose to ship in a consolidated container which could be 20, 40 and 45 ft containers depending on the number of vehicles that need to be shipped. The most preferred way to transport classic and luxury cars. However, this process takes 4 weeks to complete. You can reach out to get a free quote on this service.

Main cities in Finland

  • Helsinki
  • Espoo
  • Tampere
  • Vantaa
  • Oulu

Air Freight to Finland

If you require your car shipped overseas in a short time span, air freight is the best option, compared to shipping by the sea which can take weeks, your car or motor vehicle is only a flight away from its destination. However, vehicles are still required to clear customs which can delay shipments unless documentation is cleared prior to departure.

Air Freight service through its network of global agents will be ideal to ship your car that has a high value or is urgently required at a location.

Get in touch with us to arrange a smooth and hassle-free car shipment by air freight.

Main Airports of Finland

  • Helsinki Airport
  • Oulu Airport
  • Rovaniemi Airport
  • Turku Airport
  • Vaasa Airport
  • Tampere Airport
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RORO Service to Finland

RORO vessel cost shipping is typically the least expensive shipping method, even when compared with different container shipping methods. To get a rate; we will need the Vehicle Make, Model and Year along with the Dimensions (L*W*H). The good thing about the Ro-Ro shipping method is that units are only charged for space they take on the freight shipping vessel. Shipment takes about 4 weeks to complete.

Main Ports of Finland

  • Hamina
  • Helsinki
  • Jakobstad
  • Kokkola
  • Rauma

Cost and time estimates for shipping a car to Finland

To / From

Ground (USD)

Ocean (Helsinki Airport) (USD)

Estimate Time (Days)

Abu Dhabi to Helsinki




Sharjah to Helsinki




Al Ain to Helsinki




Ajman to Helsinki




Abu Dhabi to Espoo




Sharjah to Espoo




Al Ain to Espoo




Ajman to Espoo




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Common Inquiries received

  • How much does it cost to air freight a car?
    Airfreight is the most expensive method to ship a car overseas. Typically costs are at least 2-3 times more than shipping in an ocean container. Rates are measured based on vehicle size.
  • How much does it cost to ship a car from Dubai to Finland?
    The service can be done between USD 2000 to USD 7000 ( sea & air freight )
  • Can the vehicle be transported to the shipping destination?
    Yes, we can make preparations to do the necessary arrangements for the pickup.
  • What is a cost-effective way to transport a car?
    To Finland, the cheapest way would be a dedicated container service.

Car Shipping from Finland to Dubai

If you also consider shipping your car to Dubai, Aeon Shipping LLC can arrange this shipment. Once again certain documents will be needed to hand over to ship the vehicle to Dubai. Your car can be shipped via dedicated shipping or air freight service.

Customs regulations, documents and rates can change at any time with or without notice. This document is provided as a guide and for information only. While Aeon has exercised reasonable care in publishing this document, Aeon makes no representation, either expressed or implied, as to its accuracy or applicability.

For sea freight, vehicles in the container/roll on - roll off arrives at a nearby seaport ( preferably Rotterdam / Antwerp ). We will then arrange transit via inland trucking to inland customs depot/port ( for customs clearance ) or to residence ( with customs clearance done at the border ) depending on your choice.

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