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Household goods moving to Norway

Household Goods Shipping to Norway

Shipping Process of Household Goods Moving to Norway

In order to make the shipping process easy, we have simple and easy to understand stages that will help us move your goods in the shortest time possible while ensuring safe delivery to the intended destination. Our shipping process begins with a survey of the household goods. This is conducted by our shipping experts and the objective is to determine the quantity and the nature of the goods.

It will help us advise you better on the various shipping options available at your disposal and also help us come up with an appropriate quote for you. It is also important to have in mind that there are certain kinds of goods that are not allowed by the Norwegian customs authority and we will advise you accordingly during the survey.

Once the survey is complete, our shipping experts will prepare a detailed quote giving all the shipping costs for moving from Dubai to Norway. We would however like to point out that our rates are affordable and are among the best ones in the industry at this particular time. Additionally, we usually offer discounts to help lower the rates further.

If you accept the quote presented by us, we will embark on the shipping process as soon as convenient. This usually begin with scheduling a pick for the household goods, packing and stuffing them and also preparing all the necessary documents to facilitate clearing by the customs officials at the ports of exit and entry in Dubai and Norway respectively.

The goods will then leave and we will keep you updated in real time about the progress of the shipping. This is the only way to ensure that you are not worried about losses or damages happening to your goods when they are being shipped. Besides, we insure them to shield you should there be any unfortunate events during the process.

Get in touch with us today for more information about household goods shipping to Norway. It will be our pleasure to offer you with the best shipping services in the industry.

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