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With over a decade of experience in shipping vehicles worldwide. Depending on your final destination, we can arrange car shipments via the following ports in Dubai: Jebel Ali, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, & Hamriya. We can pick up your vehicle from your UAE address or you can also deliver the car yourself to the nominated port of Departure. We have a wide network of international moving companies that aid in handling a wide variety of shipping services to and from Dubai. We serve in over 130 countries and have the expertise to handle every aspect of the shipment.

Vehicles can be shipped via dedicated container, consolidated container, air freight service or on Roll On –Roll Off (RoRo) car transport ships.

Main cities in Germany that our company ships to and from are:-
  • Frankfurt
  • Bremerhaven
  • Hamburg
  • Berlin
  • Munich

Roughly shipping a car to Germany cost around USD 900 to USD 1,400 depends on the method of choosing.

Destination charges are approximately USD 650-800, depending on the import agent in Germany. A compact car is cheaper to ship vs. a large SUV.

Main ports and costs involved in shipping a vehicle to Germany

Shipping To/From

Estimated Time in Transit (Days)

Estimated Cost (USD)

Car shipping to Frankfurt from Jebel Ali



Car shipping to Frankfurt from Abu Dhabi



Car shipping to Frankfurt from Sharjah



Car shipping to Offenbach from Jebel Ali



Car shipping to Offenbach from Abu Dhabi



Car shipping to Offenbach from Sharjah



Car shipping to Würzburg from Jebel Ali



Car shipping to Würzburg from Abu Dhabi



Car shipping to Würzburg from Sharjah



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Below mentioned list of documents and other informations which are required to ship a car to Germany from Dubai

  • Export Certificate
  • UAE visa(Cancelled visa page is fine)
  • Proof of ownership
  • Original bill of lading
  • Anmeldebestätigung(A document confirms that you registered your address in Germany. )
  • Insurance card from country of origin
  • Third-party liability insurance initiated at Customs clearance
  • The registration must show a minimum use of the last 6 months prior to shipping / prior to the first registration of the client in Germany
  • Relevant Information required to ship a car to Germany from Dubai
  • Owner of the goods’ town hall registration in Germany (Anmeldebestätigung).
  • Cars and motorcycles must be in the owner of the goods’ possession and must have been used for at least 6 months (as evidenced by a proper registration) at origin prior to shipment; adequate confirmation will be given by simple declaration as part of the Customs declaration.
  • Approval for possession and use requires title and registration documents showing the customers' name and identified vehicles for import.
  • Cars must be inspected before licensing and must comply with German technical and environmental regulations and may require modifications.
  • Customs clearance requires knowledge of all technical details of the car.
  • Tax and duties must be paid in advance to the Customs office.

Consolidate Container Services to Germany

The most cost-effective way to ship your car to Germany. The consolidated container shipping method is the best option when you need to ship two or more vehicles as the process is much simpler and also inexpensive. This provides you an assurance that your vehicles have been safely loaded in a single container. The cost per car is reduced and that makes it the most preferred and safest method of shipping. There are two types of containers available, these are 20ft containers and 40ft containers.

Get in touch with our operator to get further details and quotations on the Container shipping method.

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Dedicated Container Services to Germany

Container shipping is more expensive nevertheless may be appropriate for special cars or antiques of greater value, as it offers unparalleled protection from collisions and from the foreign elements. The process of loading a car into a container is a specialized function that’s carefully handled by experts.

What are the Costs Involved when Shipping a Car to Germany

  • Costs to ship a car to Germany is around $900 to $1,300
  • Depending on the import agent, the destination charges are approximately $650,

RORO Services to Germany

The RoRo option is generally an affordable way to ship a car. It involves simply driving the car or motorcycle onto a ship, where it is secured in place for the trip and driven off at the destination. RoRo is ideal for shipping cars, motorcycles, trucks, specialty vehicles, equipment, and boats. This process generally takes 4 – 5 weeks to complete.

RoRo shipping cannot be used if the vehicle is not in a driving condition so it can be exported using container shipment only.

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Air Freight Services to Germany

If you need your car delivered soon to Germany, airfreight service is the best option. However, Airfreight is the most expensive method to ship a car overseas. Typically costs are at least 2-3 times more than shipping in an ocean container. Rates are measured based on vehicle size. Also, if the car is at high value, we believe this will be your best option. Delivery time takes 4 to 5 working days depending on the final destination.

We offer a free quotation for air freight services from Dubai Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and all Emirates to most cities in Germany.

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20’’ (USD)

40’’ (USD)

Jebel Ali




Mina Rashid








Abu Dhabi




  • 20 foot container for one car
  • 40 foot container for two cars or more

Are you looking to import a vehicle to Dubai from Germany?

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