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Through our many years of service we have been able to pinpoint some of the best methods for shipping into this region and we have a number of products and services that can help to ease the process of international shipping from the UAE to Turkey. Of course the process of an international move can be filled with a number of different headaches. Through our expert guidance however we can help to reduce the amount of stress that you have to experience as well as ensure an easy pick up the local port as well as the option for direct door-to-door shipping. Beyond ensuring an easy pickup we also make the process of packing up your belongings for moving a lot easier as well. With our guidance you can be prepared with full customs clearing papers, easy packing services and more. Our experts can come to your location and help you pack up your items as well as make a detailed manifest so that you won't experience trouble through the shipping process. Our logistics specialists will also provide ongoing security and monitoring for your packages through the entire transit process.

When it comes to prohibited and restricted goods into Turkey the process of moving from Dubai to Turkey does come with some trouble. For the most part the outlawed items are fairly standard. Certain items like explosives, firearms, medication with an intent to distribute or pornographic items may be confiscated during the shipping process. Eliminating these items from your shipping manifest is a smart idea especially if you want to maintain shipping deadlines. Through our customer questionnaire we can help to identify some items that might be best left in your home country. By working with you to determine the best items that you can bring through household goods shipping to Turkey we can make sure you can have most of the comforts of home without troublesome border issues.

To make sure that all of your household goods are free from taxes and duties it's also very important that you have a work permit in place or a legal residency for at least six months during the shipping process. All packages also need to have a detailed list including the serial numbers, brands, models and information where applicable. The more detailed that you make your shipping manifest, the easier the process of receiving your items at a local port will be.

Our logistics experts work of a number of ports in Turkey including; Rize, Ordo, Bartin, Istanbul, Gemport, Kumport and more.

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