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While we do have extensive experience with household goods shipping to Latvia is important to note that there are certain customs duty observations that need to be kept in place for shipping to this region. Understanding these basic household shipping rules and international shipping rules from the UAE to Latvia can help to prepare our customers for less difficulty through the course of the moving process. Some of the safeguards that we have in place are obviously our experience in the industry as well as our customer survey.

Customer survey: our customer surveys are some of the early checks that we use with our customers so that they will identify some of the items that they are planning on shipping. In our customer surveys we can give you free advice on how to package your goods, the rough price quote for international shipping from the UAE to Latvia and more. One of the aspects of our customer surveys is to identify a number of problem items that could potentially hold up your package throughout transit and make our jobs and your life a lot more difficult.

There's nothing worse than showing up at a port having to pay extra tariffs or not being able to pick up your packages at all. Some of the top items that we have found is problematic for shipping divide to Latvia include:

  • Food items, animals, radioactive materials, combustible or explosive materials, plants, coins or securities, ammunition, arms, controversial books, pharmaceuticals and more.

It is important to note that there are over 100 restricted materials on the Latvia port listings for customs officials. We will let you know if any of these items may be flagged for a security risk when you complete your official customer service. It's this type of indispensable knowledge that ensures the international shipping process from the UAE to Latvia goes much smoother.

Through our customer survey we can also provide you with a detailed descriptions for the best shipping options based on your needs for the items you are shipping as well is their fragility. We've been in this business for a very long time and as a result we know how to handle household goods shipping to Latvia. We will do everything we can to protect all of your items throughout the shipping process and to advise you on the best shipping methods for moving from Dubai to Latvia with your items. Please click our official survey button below to get started with the process of shipping items were moving to Latvia with Aeon.

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