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International Air Freight Services to Italy

If you have to move internationally for work, it can be both an exciting and stressful period. For example, you will be looking forward to experiencing a beautiful country like Italy. However, getting all your items into the country can be an arduous task. For example, you will have to pack everything correctly, then you will have to transport these items, and this can be a complicated task, especially if you try to ship these items yourself. However, there is a more convenient alternative for you to explore. You could use a shipping service. They will be able to take care of everything for you. Let’s look at how this would work, so you can determine if this shipping method will be suitable for you.

Service Modes for Sending Air Freight to Italy

There are multiple services that you may want to explore. When you get in touch with Aeon Shipping, they will discuss your options more fully. There are a few things that will inform which ones will suit your best. For example, they will consider the size and shape of the object that you want to transport. They will also consider when you want the items to arrive. By taking all these factors into account, the team can customize the service to suit your needs. It’s this excellent service that helps set Aeon Shipping apart from other shipping companies.

Popular Areas

When you move to Italy, there are several significant locations that you will need to use. Let’s look at some of these areas.

Main Cities

When you travel to Italy, there are several iconic cities that you might want to visit. These leading cities include Palermo, Turin, Naples, and Milan. However, the capital of Italy is Rome. It’s also the most populated city, with around 2.8 million residents.


When you use air freight to ship items into Italy, there are several airports that you may be able to use. There are 20 airports in Italy, giving you plenty of shipping options that you can explore, assuring you that your package can be sent to an airport that is close to you.

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Advantages of Using Air Freight to Italy

There are several reasons why people choose to use air freight services. However, one of the biggest is the speed. When you send something via air freight, you can be assured that it will arrive in your location very promptly. Also, many people enjoy the numerous shipping options that Aeon Shipping offers, ensuring that your transport needs will be met. Also, getting a company like Aeon Shipping to help you move items internationally will make the process stress-free. When you use our experienced team, you can be confident that everything will comply with international shipping laws, so that you won’t have a problem with customs in Italy.

How Much Does It Cost to Send Items Via Air Freight to Italy?

The costs can be highly variable, depending on several factors. For example, larger objects may be more challenging to ship than more compact items. One of the most significant benefits of using Aeon Shipping is the ability to request a free quote, allowing you to have a better indication of how much you can expect to pay for shipping, and also allow you to create a plan to deal with this expense.

Process of Sending Items over Air Freight

There are several processes that Aeon Shipping goes through before they will send your items. For example, they will make sure that everything is packaged correctly, making sure that everything arrives at the right destination, and lands in excellent condition. Also, they will make sure that you are complying with international laws. For example, they will consider which items that you are trying to transport. There are several things that you won’t be able to ship, including things like; illegal drugs, animals, pornographic material, firearms, furs, and ivory. If you want more clarification about your shipment, don’t hesitate to call the Aeon Shipping team.

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How Long Does Air Freight to Italy Take?

One of the most significant benefits of using air freight is getting your goods quickly. In most cases, you can expect them in about 4 to 5 days. However, you should be aware that this can be impacted by things like flight delays and weather conditions. If this is the case, you can trust Aeon Shipping to keep you informed so that you can adjust your plans accordingly.

Destination Guidelines

Custom Clearance Process

There are several procedures that you will need to follow before you import anything into Italy, which often means showing several essential documents. For example, you will be expected to produce the Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, and you may have to show that you have insurance. Aeon Shipping will help you obtain each of these documents.

Duties Taxes

There are several taxes that you will be expected to pay when you use air freight to Italy. If you are sending them from a country that is outside the European Union, you will have to pay additional expenses. The amount of taxes you will have to pay will vary depending on the type of item and how valuable it is. Generally, though, you will have to pay between zero to 17 percent in taxes.


One of the most convenient ways of shipping an item is by using a professional company, like Aeon Shipping. With over five years of experience, they will be able to meet all your needs. To learn more about your shipping options, and to get a free quote, be sure to contact Aeon Shipping today.

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