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Are you hoping to ship your vehicle to Hungary from Dubai?

You had landed on the correct website. At Aeon Shipping LLC offers cost-effective car shipping to Hungary from Dubai by Air Freight and container services from the major ports Jebel Ali, Dubai. Mina Rashid, and Dubai. Our fully insured, fully regulated company offers cost-effective services for any type of vehicle to the largest Greek Seaport, Piraeus.

Brief Introduction about Aeon Shipping LLC

We at Aeon Shipping LLC strive to give you the best and smooth experience when it comes to car shipping to Hungary. With over 10 years of industry experience and in-depth research have allowed us to streamline the process followed by ensuring service of quality standards with customer satisfaction. Our professional workforce and worldwide shipping coverage combine to give you a safe and reliable service.

We have made car shipping easier than ever, with fair pricing and a wide range of services to suit individual needs from car shipping, boat and yacht shipping, motorbike shipping, shipping of heavy equipment, shipping of oversized cargo, RoRo shipping or freight services.

How to Ship a Car to Hungary

The car shipping service we offer to Hungary:-

  • Air Freight
  • Consolidation shipping service
  • Dedicated Container shipment

Consolidate Container Services

Popular Main Sea Ports City Names for Hungary

  • Győr-Gönyű (Port of Győr)
  • Komárom.
  • Budapest (Port of Csepel)
  • Dunaújváros (Port of Dunaújváros)
  • Dunavecse.
  • Madocsa.
  • Paks.
  • Fadd-Dombori

Cargo shipping method in which a freight forwarder at the port of origin combines several individual consignments to make up a full container load. This arrangement allows the goods to be shipped as containerized-cargo that offers greater security at lower shipping rates.

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Dedicated Container shipment

The container method is often used only for multi-car or more expensive car shipping. This method is safe however costly than shipping via RO-RO. Also, this method is very secure compared to other services. As the most expensive method, this transport option encloses your cargo within metal walls and a ceiling as long as it can fit into the 40ft container. This is a cost-effective method of shipping your car.

Dedicated container shipping to Hungary is an ideal solution to anyone looking to ship personal belongings along with their vehicle. This is a hassle-free method and once it comes to cost and other matters. We believe this is the ideal service to consider if you are hoping to move and want to take all the household goods plus your car to Hungary from UAE.

We can build a solid bulkhead to separate a vehicle from furniture to ensure that the vehicle is completely safe so no damage can occur whilst in transit across the ocean. We ship 20ft, 40ft and 40ft HQ containers from Dubai every week on the same vessel.

Air Freight Services

Main Air Ports in Hungry

  • Budapest Airport
  • Debrecen Airport
  • Gyor Airport
  • Nyíregyháza Airport
  • Balaton Airport

We perform a decade of professional experience to meet your needs for air freight services for car shipping. Aeon Shipping LLC offers Air cargo services from Dubai to Hungary. This is the fastest method to ship your vehicle overseas. Our highly trained staff enable Our technology to allow advanced tracking of your car shipment from the moment you place your shipping order to where it reaches its final destination.

How much does it cost to ship a car from the UAE to Hungary?

(An estimated cost on the shipment process)

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Ground (USD)

Ocean (Budapest Airport) (USD)

Estimate Time (Days)

Abu Dhabi to Budapest




Sharjah to Gyor




Al Ain to Komárom




Ajman to Debrecen




What documents do I need to export a car to Hungary from Dubai?

Documents required when shipping a car to Hungary

  • Vehicle ownership documents
  • Proof of car insurance
  • Title / registration card
  • Copy of driver’s license
  • Diplomatic franchise (diplomats)
  • Diplomatic ID (diplomats)
  • Letter from Embassy certifying diplomat’s employment, including beginning and ending dates

Specific Information related to the car from Dubai to Hungary

Owners of the goods importing vehicles using a tourist status may temporarily import vehicles duty-free for a period of up to 6 months.

Owners of the goods possessing a certificate of repatriation for a primary residence may import vehicles duty-free; owner of the goods must be present for Customs clearance at the port of entry.

The owner of the goods may be required to pay for a Hungarian license plate and a luxury tax (persons holding a certificate of repatriation).

For persons importing a vehicle who hold a certificate of repatriation, the vehicle must be in the owner of the goods’ possession and in use for at least 6 months in the country of origin prior to import.

Diplomats can import vehicles with temporary duty-free entry.

Regarding the duties taxes, our customer service agent will help you out in detail.

Below mentioned is how to import a car to Hungary and get it registered on the roads, and also the documents required when bringing a car for personal use in Hungary roads.

Foreign residents in Hungary can use their car for up to six months, after which registration is obligatory. To register a foreign car, a person must have both a tax number (Adószám) and an Address Card (Lakcímkártya). Registering a foreign car is quite expensive and the process can take up to a week. There are several agents specializing in the paperwork involved.

In addition, owners of cars registered outside the EU also have to pay duties when importing a vehicle.

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Technical Test

The first step in the registration process is having the car checked at a technical test station. Only a car which meets European standards can pass the technical test and be imported into Hungary. The current environment standard is the Euro 4 and the car must have a catalytic converter.

Nevertheless, if a car fails the technical test, it can either be brought up to standard or used for spare parts.

The technical test station steps and procedure

  • The registration procedure is started
  • The car is tested for safety
  • The vehicle's documents are checked
  • Payment of the fee for the test

The following documents are required:

  • ID card or passport
  • Address Card
  • The car's original registration papers. If the car is from outside the EU, then an official translation is required
  • Proof that the car is no longer registered in the country of origin. If the car is still registered in the country of origin, the Hungarian authority can start the deregistration procedure

Registration Tax

If the car passes the technical test, then the next step is the customs office where registration tax is issued. This tax is calculated according to the following criteria:

  • Age of the car
  • Size of the engine
  • Fuel type
  • To calculate registration tax: Click here

If the car is being imported from outside the EU, duties are issued as well. If the car is new, VAT (ÁFA) of 27 percent is also due.

Once Customs has calculated all the taxes and duties, the amount has to be paid, generally by bank transfer. It is advisable to use OTP bank as it is the bank of the Tax Office (NAV) and the transfer is instant. Most Customs offices have "mini banks" on their premises. Once the payment is received, Customs issues the necessary papers for registration.

The final step is to go to the local Office for Administrative and Electronic Public Services (Önkormányzati Okmányiroda) where the car can finally be registered.

New number plates and registration papers (forgalmi igazolvány) are issued on the spot, while a registration card (gépjármu törzslap) is sent later by post. There is a fee for the registration papers and the number plates in Hungary.

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Car Shipping from Hungary to Dubai

We can offer very competitive rates for wherever you need to move your car. Grab a free, no-obligation quote from us to see if we can be the team to help you with all of your car shipping needs. We aim to be as competitive and affordable as possible, you can call or email us to with your details to receive a quote or use our quick or main quote forms on our various pages.

We also undertake car shipment from Hungary to Dubai-UAE

Now you can ship your car from Hungary to Dubai, our well-experienced team will help out with paperwork and the whole process to make your shipping experience with Aeon Shipping a smooth one.

A few details that need to be considered when shipping a car to Dubai from Hungary

Before beginning the process of shipping and registering a car in UAE, you’ll need a valid residence permit for the UAE to import a car into UAE.

After you’ve determined that your vehicle is eligible and selected a shipping option, gather all necessary vehicle documentation needed

Determine your vehicle’s departure and destination ports.

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Few of the destination ports in UAE:-

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Ajman
  • Al Ain
  • Al Hamriya
  • Automarket
  • Ducamz
  • UAE
  • Fujirah
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