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With our experienced and professional staff, we assure safe & efficient shipping of your motorcycle to all parts of the world. Motorcycles are second only to autos when it comes to the most common type of vehicle we ship. We will get your vehicle to the destination in the same shape as it left the dock. With every country in the world having its own set of import regulations, setting up all the licenses and other important documents can be a hassle. So leave it all to us. We can schedule a truck driver to pick up your motorcycle and transport it to the departure port for loading on the ship.

Your motorcycle can be shipped using one of three shipping methods:

RoRo (Roll-On Roll-Off) Motorcycle Shipping

RoRo stands for “Roll On and Roll Off.” This means that your motorcycle must be able to board and depart the ship without the use of mechanical assistance. Once on board, it will be strapped and braced to the ship’s floor, as shown in the image to above, which minimizes movement while the ship rocks at sea. To prevent your chopper from slipping and sliding, the tires are locked to the metal protector, plus there’s plenty of space between each motorcycle for further protection.

Container Motorcycle Shipping

Container shipping is the way to go. Since many motorcycles can fit into one container, this leads to reduction in costs overall. This works out well for our customers all shipping to the same place, as they are grouped together into a container to save money. When you decide to ship a motorcycle via container, you are choosing a method that’s just as safe and as efficient as shipping via RoRo. The good news is, we will always quote you the lowest price first whether it’s container or RoRo shipping.

Marine Insurance for RoRo or Container Shipping

Even though accidents don’t occur all that often, it’s still wise to get marine insurance and, while optional, the cost is minimal when insuring your motorcycle with our agents. We highly recommend purchasing the insurance in order to protect your motorcycle in the event of loss or damage, since the ship WILL rock while at sea. Keep your motorcycle completed protected and opt for the marine insurance, with the amount you need dependent on the cycle’s value.

Motorcycle Air Freight Shipping

Shipping a motorcycle using the air freight method is the most expensive of all three shipping methods. Since the motorcycle is going to be loaded on to a cargo plane, it needs needs to be securely crated like the one below.

If your motorcycle has been professionally crated it’s going to be tied down to the deck to reduce shifting during turbulence.

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