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Overall the process to get started is fairly simple. The first step is to fill out one of our online questionnaires about the types of items that you would like to bring on your international move to Switzerland. For some items it is important to note that importation can take a bit of extra time especially with customs verifying your residency and more. It's also important to have at least a one-year residency plan for living in Switzerland if you plan on importing household goods. Household goods shipping to Switzerland is relatively simple but there are certain items that you shouldn't take or ship along with your inventory. As always with international shipping, we can help you create a manifest of all of your goods as well as prepare customs forms to ensure an easy transition. Certain items such as alcohol, tobacco, pets and more could cause problems during the shipping process. Feel free to contact our experts if you would like a detailed list of some of the things you should not ship to Switzerland.

We work out of a number of different ports and warehouses across Switzerland making it easy for you to pick up your shipment. We also offer our customers the chance to get direct to door shipping. This shipping option makes the process of moving just as easy as if you were moving within the UAE. With our international shipping options from the UAE to Switzerland we can deliver to locations like: Basel, Birsfelden, St. Johan, Muttenz-Au and more.

If you have a questions about the process of household goods shipping to Switzerland please contact our international shipping experts today. Our international movers to Switzerland can simplify the process of your move.

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