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Our Shipping Process

Our effective shipping policy:

The process that we use for moving goods is extremely simple and we utilize a number of different methods to make sure that we quote correctly and protect all of your assets in transit.

Our typical shipping method involves the use of a pre-move survey which occurs during our very first meeting. These pre-move surveys are indispensable for determining the amount of items that you require shipped. We detail all of the costs including transportation, tariffs, customs fees, packaging and more. With all of the prices detailed in front of you it's possible to get a better picture of just what it might cost to relocate or export goods using our services.

After the initial survey we take the time to complete a comprehensive pricing quote. These quotes will handle the costs of movers from Dubai to Hungary as well as all of the potential costs associated with household goods shipping to Hungary. In this price quote we will detail any of the eventual costs so that you can have full approval on the end cost of your move.

The logistics: if you choose to accept the quote our next course of action will be actually shipping the items and handling all of the full documentation is needed for shipping your items from the UAE to Hungary. Our logistics specialists will take into consideration your price quote as well as schedule the shipping to fall in line with any deadlines that you have given us.

Destination processing: once we have shipped the item the goods will arrive at their port as well as be protected throughout the transportation process. Our experts on the ground will handle any customs clearance as well as safeguard your belongings to make sure that they arrive free of damage. Depending on the delivery options that you have selected we can provide international shipping direct to your doorstep or to the closest port.

Some of the main ports in Hungary that we service include:

  • Budapest
  • Gyo
  • Almasfuzito-Szony
  • Mohacas
  • And Dunaujvaros.

Please contact us for any information about shipping household goods from the UAE to Hungary.

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