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Aeon Shipping, hire experienced professionals to transport your watercraft from the UAE to anywhere in the world without any logistical issues.

We have contracts with all the major carriers, we can offer an all-in quote to suit your needs

Our shipping services include

  • Cross Country Shipping and Transporting
  • Cradle Building
  • Inland transportation
  • Tarp and Wrap
  • Storage
  • Tower Dismantling
  • Water lift
  • Dockside attendance
  • Documentation and custom clearance

*Services are available to cities throughout the world.

When it comes to boat & yacht shipping always make sure you ask a lot of questions and conduct research up-front. Make sure that all loose items in your vessel such as plates, galley utensils, personal items or any other non-secured items have been secured or removed from the vessel.

Please make sure you empty all the fuel and water from the vessel and disconnect all battery cables. Removing any device or fixture that extends beyond the hull of the boat such as antennas, radar, compasses or depth sounders, can help reduce the overall dimensions and thus reduce the cost of shipping.

These devices should be secured inside the boat for shipping. Secure decor such as tops, curtains, seat cushions. Remove the plug from the boat.

You will need to store the plastic and Plexiglas windshields securely in the cabin below. If you are moving your boat during winter, you'll need to winterize the engine, toilets, the water systems or any other weather sensitive device on the vessel. This is important and is an area often overlooked.

We advise to shrink wrap your boat or yacht as it is an excellent way to protect your boat during transport.

When moving a sailboat, we can arrange for the removal of all standing rigging, lights, spreaders, wind indicators and all other types of mast rigging prior to transport.

All personal belongings should be removed from the boat before transport. These include cash and valuables, clothing, sporting goods or any other materials that are not part of the vessel.

We advise you to create a check list from the above information to ensure safe boat transportation and the safety of all its accessories.

Modes of Boat and Yacht Shipping are as follow
Modes of Boat and Yacht Shipping are as follow :

The most common way of Boat and yacht shipping. It is the most economical and safest way of exporting international


For larger boats and yachts that cannot go RO/RO, we can offer a Lift on Lift off service. This requires a crane operator on each end of the move so it can be more expensive to ship this way.

Normally, it’s due to height restrictions on larger boats that will not fit inside the hull of the vessel.


For boats or yachts which are needed to be transported through Land or domestically, Trailers of Flatbed / Lowbed are used.

This method is the most economical way of transporting boats and yachts domestically.

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