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Our team has expanded massively over the years and we have helped assist in a very large number of moves to Portugal. It is our goal to not only adhere to strict shipping policies and customs arrangements but also to make sure that all of your goods are packed efficiently in a way that will save you money and ensure a minimal chance of damage during a long journey. With both Sea and Air options available for shipping, we also make it easy for you to get just the type of goods that you need immediately as well as have access to all of your possessions at a later date.

Some of the top considerations that we put in place with any household goods shipping to Portugal include:

  • Cubic foot estimates: through our user survey we begin to understand just how large your shipment is in the type of packaging/space requirements that you might have. Once we start to develop a cubic footage estimation for what you need we can prepare an official quote an agreement for your individual job.
  • Advanced packaging: We can pack all of your most fragile items with the help of our experts as well as use special packaging. It's these special packaging techniques that allow us to ship over long distances while ensuring the value of your prized possessions. Our international movers to Portugal have extensive experience moving antiques, vehicles and more.
  • Your timeline: We can meet a number of deadlines with the shipping options we have available. We can even cut down on the costs or make your timeline a little bit easier by offering port pickup throughout Portugal. We feature port pickup throughout Portugal including Sines, Setubal, Viana do Castelo and more.

It's through these top considerations and more that we have become the go to service for moving from Dubai to Portugal. Contact our team today to learn more and have us prepare an official price quote.

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