Household Goods Moving to Finland

Our Shipping Process

Being one of the best international movers in Finland, you can expect nothing but a simple and easy to follow household goods shipping process since this is the only way for us to serve you better and in the most efficient manner. The following is the process we use when moving household goods to Finland or any other destination in the world-:

Pre-move survey – we conduct a pre-move survey to help us determine the volume of the household goods you want to move to Finland. It also help us advise you better on the best shipping options to use as well as give us insights for coming up with the most comprehensive quote for you.

Quality Quotation – once the pre-move survey is over, one of our international shipping experts will prepare a comprehensive quote, laying out all the cost involved in moving the household goods from Dubai to your destination of choice in Finland.

Actual Shipping – the next step is to embark on the shipping process which begins with scheduling a pick up for all the goods. This is then followed by packing, staffing as well as preparing all the necessary documents needed to move the goods from Dubai to Finland.

Destination Process – while the goods are still on the high seas, we will inform you about the shipment progress including the arrival dates, customs clearance requirements as well as the exact delivery schedules once they reach the port of destination.

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Shipping Options

We offer three distinct international shipping from UAE to Finland and you are free to choose the most convenient one for you. They include the following-:

Dedicated Container shipping – with this option, you good are shipped in one dedicated container. No other item finds their way in the steel container unless it belongs to you.

Shared Containers Shipping – with this option, the household goods are packed in special wooden shipping boxes then loaded into the steel containers for final shipment. Goods belonging to different owners but destined to the same place are shipped with this method.

Air Freight – Air Freight is available if you need to ship just a small portion of the goods while the rest come by sea freight. This method is slightly expensive compared to the rest but it’s fast, reliable and very convenient.

Major Seaports in Finland

As one of the top international movers to Finland, we have the versatility to operate in all the major ports in the country. You are thus free to ship virtually anywhere in Finland with a guarantee that your goods will be delivered safely. The following are some of the ports which we have access to-:

  • Ekenas
  • Hamina
  • Hanko
  • Haukipudus
  • Helsinki
  • Imatra
  • Inkoo
  • Isnas
  • Jakobstad
  • Joensu
  • Joutseno
  • Kaskinen
  • Kaukas
  • Kemi
  • Kokkola
  • Kotka
  • Kouvola
  • Koverhar
  • Pargas
  • Raahe
  • Porvoo
  • Pori
  • Uto

Kindly get in touch with us if you are interested in getting more information about moving from Abu Dhabi to Finland or any question relating to international shipping.

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