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Aeon’s end goal is to provide you with affordable and effective shipping worldwide and we feel as though we can do this exponentially well with our service to Serbia. Whether you require import export assistance or you will be needing household goods shipping to Serbia our experts can easily assist you with everything that is required for your moving process.

It is important to note that if you are planning on moving to Serbia you can take all of your household goods with the help of international movers shipping from Dubai or UAE. With the help of our service you can take advantage of either full carrier container rates or partial carrier container rates as well as have access to a few different shipping options that can help to limit the costs associated with moving to Serbia. Any number of household goods can make the trip but it is important to have a detailed manifest for customs purposes. Most appliances, décor, books, clothing, most types of medications, electronics and medical equipment can easily make their way into Serbia but it is important that you follow a list of potential restrictions when it comes to border regulations. Some of the restricted items on current lists in Serbia include; unidentified seeds, animal or plant on processed goods, locked boxes and safe without the keys and codes and a few other major concerns.

One of the ways that we screen for these various items is with the help of our Aeon user survey. Through the help of our moving and shipping services is international movers to Serbia we will have you feel that an official questionnaire that details some of the items you are planning on taking. Our customs officials can then sort through the type of square footage that you need as well as identify any potential restricted items in your move for shipping purposes. It's with this due diligence that we work to simplify the shipping process. We also have a number of different workers around the world making it simple for you to do pick up and drop offs at major ports in Serbia including; Zelenika, Kotor, Risan

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