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Household Goods Moving to Austria

Our Shipping Process

In order to make it easy for you as well as our shipping experts, we have a simple but efficient shipping process which will ensure that your goods are delivered safely and in a timely manner. Our shipping process involves-:

  • Pre-move survey – one of our shipping experts will pay you a visit to determine the exact quantity and the nature of the household goods you need to move from Dubai to Austria. This is to help you in deciding the best shipping options suitable in your case.
  • Flexible and affordable quotation – after the pre-move survey, you will be presented with a comprehensive quotation of all the costs needed to move your household goods from Dubai to Austria.
  • Shipping – Once you accept our quotation, the shipping process begins. This is involves scheduling the pickup of the items or if possible, you can bring them to one of our warehouses in Dubai. This process also involves packing, stuffing and the preparation of the bill of landing and any other paperwork needed for the shipment.
  • Destination Process – you will be notified in good time about the progress of your shipment so that you can make the necessary arrangements for clearing the goods once they dock in Austria.
Household Goods Shipping Options to Austria

We provide you with a great deal of variety with regards to moving from Dubai to Austria. Depending on the nature of your goods as well as the volumes you need moved, the following options are at your disposal-:

Full Container Load Shipment

This is ideal when you need a dedicated container to ship your household goods. All the items will be packed then loaded into a steel container to ship your goods only. In most cases, the goods will be loaded and the container closed at your residence in Dubai before being transported to the port of exit for the final shipment.

Less than Container Load Shipment

Less than Container Load shipment is used when you don’t want to use a dedicated container or if you have just a few household items you need to ship from Dubai to Austria. In this case, all the items will be packed inside purpose built wooden cases before being loaded onto steel containers.

Air Freigh

Air Freight is relatively expensive but will ensure that your goods are transported much faster as compared to sea freight. It is ideal for shipping just a few items that has some level of urgency while you wait for the rest to arrive by sea freight.

Being one of the best international movers to Australia, we guarantee that you will have an awesome experience when you move your household goods with us.

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