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Singapore stands as one of the world's greatest business opportunities currently. The ports across Singapore are extremely well-equipped to handle a variety of professional shipments for import and exporters and the market is very hot with new business owners beginning to both move to Singapore as well as handle exports to the country. If you are planning on making the move to Singapore from the UAE it's important to have the right international shipping company from the UAE to Singapore. Our team of dedicated professionals that Aeon can present you with a number of different shipping options that can make the process of shipping to this area very simple and reasonable.

It's understandable that while moving to a new country you may be a little bit sentimental about keeping some of your items. Shipping over new furniture can be relatively less expensive than purchasing or renting a furnished suite or purchasing all new furniture abroad. With the help of our shipping services we aim to make the process of moving or providing household goods shipping to Singapore much easier. Our team will handle every eventuality including making the customs claims, the transportation and we can even assist with packaging an organization as well as delivery. We service a number of different ports throughout Singapore and it's very important to have the right people on the ground for organization purposes especially at Singapore's busy seaports. Finding your package in a massive array of shipping containers can be an absolute nightmare but with Aeon’s industry contacts and our people on the ground it's much easier to not only locate your goods but also receive them a little bit faster if you opted for door to door shipping. Our experts work out of the main seaports in Singapore as well as a few different warehouses. Some of our main offices include; Singapore seaport, and Jurong.

As there are a number of different concerns when it comes to prohibited items in any country it's important to note that Singapore also has a number of banned items for shipping. With the help of our user questionnaire we can identify some of these items and prevent you from shipping them which can hold up your packages in customs. It's also important to note that there are also some duties associated with shipping more exporting certain items to Singapore but if you are going to be formally changing your residence and you simply need household goods shipping to Singapore, you will be able to move your items duty-free. Some of the top considerations when shipping to Singapore might be some of the following banned items; chewing tobacco or imitation tobacco products, cigarette lighters, firecrackers, wildlife, material that infringes copyright, treasonable material and more. It's also important to note that certain items may be subject to censorship upon entry to the country. It's always best to err on the side of caution especially when it comes to relocating to Singapore and packing up only approved international shipping materials from UAE to Singapore.

If you have any more questions about relocating to Singapore or the types of services that we have available please contact our experts at Aeon shipping.

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