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International Air Freight Services to Qatar

If you have any urgent household items or a car to be shipped to Qatar, an air freight service is the best solution. However, this whole process is hectic if you try to do this yourself. To save you a great deal of time and hassle you can contact Aeon Shipping air freight to do the needful. You should let the professionals handle the job since you don’t want any mistakes during the packaging and paperwork at air freight services internationally. Like for instance, if you don’t pack the items correctly, they might slide around during the flight. Incorrectly packed possessions can mean that your household effects via air freight service will arrive damaged. Besides, contacting the airline to make a booking for a larger object can be very difficult and frustrating. For this reason, many people turn to a reliable and well-experienced shipping company to make it easier for them to transport their personal items like household belongings or a car via air freight shipping to Qatar. Let’s go through the process step-wise to get a better understanding of air freight shipping to Qatar.

Service Models for Air Freight Shipping to Qatar

To understand more about the service models, you need to speak to the representatives with your needs. Since there are several models that you might want to consider when shipping your items to Qatar via air freight services. For example, factors like the size of the article, the weight, and the urgency will all need to be considered. Aeon Shipping will get back to you with multiple air freight options for you to explore and suit your requirements.

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Popular Areas

Main Cities

The country lies on a peninsula in the Persian Gulf. It's the only land border with Saudi Arabia. Qatar is a country where mostly many Expats live: Arabs, Pakistani, Indian, Iranian, Nepalis and other Expats have made Qatar their home.

With a population of about 1.8 million, Doha is Qatar's most populous city. Doha and its suburbs are home to over 80% of the country's total population. There are some other main cities like Abu az Zuluf, Abu Thaylah, Ad Dawhah al Jadidah and Al Arish.


There are three main airports in Qatar. You can pick the airport closest to your final destination in Qatar for your air freight shipping. You might also choose to pick your items up from the airport also you can get these delivered to your doorstep.

Main City

Airports in Qatar

Al Khor

Al Khor Airport


Doha International Airport


Hamad International Airport

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Advantages of Air Freight to Qatar

You may have many reasons to ship the items in a limited time period by air freight shipping. You had chosen the correct air freight shipping service since this is often the fastest way of transporting a car or household goods. Alway it’s best to contact a well experienced professional air freight shipping company hence they will be able to leverage their contacts ensuring the best possible air freight shipping flights, to meet the time constraints. Due to their experience in the field, they have a great deal of understanding of the needs of the customer. Such knowledge will ensure that you won’t have any problems getting your items into Qatar from the UAE.

How Much Does Air Freight to Qatar Cost?

Multiple factors might affect the cost of air freight shipping to Qatar. For example, the type of service that you use, the weight of the package, and the size of the package. For this matter, it’s always best to contact Aeon Shipping air freight services. They will contact and explain the costs involved in detail and Aeon Shipping will create an air freight shipping service according to your needs and for a good competitive rate. Having a price will ensure that you will be able to plan to send items via air freight accurately.

Process Of Air Freight to Qatar

When shipping household effects or a car to Qatar there are multiple procedures that Aeon Shipping air freight shipping follows to make sure that your items arrive in excellent condition. They ensure that you don’t take prohibited items such banned items include; alcohol, ivory, idols, narcotic drugs, pork products, pornographic materials. politically subversive materials. explosives and explosive items, including fireworks and other flammable items. To make sure that the items your air freight shipping will be approved, you might want to contact Aeon Shipping.

Next, they will make sure that your package is packaged properly for the long journey in the high-pressure environment. After which you can inform them which airport you need to pick up your package. You can also have them delivered to your doorstep. Furthermore, Aeon team ensures that you don’t face any issues at customs.

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How Long Does Air Freight to Qatar Take?

Air Freight shipping service from Dubai to Qatar generally takes around 4 to 5 business days. However, if there could be any unexpected situations like; the plane might be delayed since its unable to take off or land due to bad weather. In these worst cases, Aeon Shipping air freight services will be able to keep you updated.

Destination Guidelines

Customs Clearance Process

When shipping your items into Doha via air freight shipping, there are several procedures that you will be expected to follow. For example, you will need to present a range of documents to customs officials. These forms can include; the Bill of Lading, Packing List, Invoice, weights and measurements, and a copy of any insurance policies. To make this process as simple as possible, Aeon Shipping air freight services will be able to help you obtain the necessary documents.


  • Clear copy of packing list
  • Completed and signed personal air NOC-form will be given
  • Original Passport or Original Qatar ID
  • Clear copy of Qatar ID of both sides
  • Documents must be completed and submitted at least 1 working day
  • Air Waybill
  • In case QID is not available, a printed copy of Qatar Visa is required

Duties Taxes

Generally, the items that you are seeking to bring in will impact the amount of taxes that you need to pay. The Customs duty is 5% of the estimated value of goods determined by the Customs Valuation Committee plus the legalization charges of approximately USD $175.00. Legalization charges will not apply for personal effects import.


Trying to figure out the rules that govern the international transport of items can be very difficult. For this reason, many people prefer to use the convenience of an air freight shipping company. With a decade of experience in air freight service, Aeon Shipping LLC will be able to make air freight services to Qatar easy for you. They will be able to take care of the customs process, delivering the item to your door. So, make sure to get in contact with the friendly team today and request your free quote.

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