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Are you hoping to move to Jordan? There are few factors that need to be considered. For instance, you will need to consider where you’re going live and what type of car you will be driving. However, one of the most challenging things can be finding a reliable way to transport your belongings to the country. Aeon Household Moving will help you from paperwork to delivery and will be the best cargo company near to me. They have partnerships with an exclusive network of agents worldwide, hence shipments of household effects can be brought in and out of Dubai. When you choose the services provided by Aeon Shipping, you will have the confidence of knowing that your household goods moving to Jordan from Dubai will arrive in excellent condition. Let’s look at how this process works.

How to Ship Your Household Goods to the Jordan

There are multiple options that you may want to consider when shipping your items. This flexibility will make it easy for you to choose the right level of service to suit your needs

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Service Modes for Shipping Household Items to the Jordan

Packing Services

One of the critical parts of moving is packing. Our team is well equipped and trained to arrange and pack well. All furniture is carefully wrapped and padded to ensure maximum protection. Personal belongings are expertly packed into cartons with particular care given to delicate articles. Additional protection is provided with wooden crates, acid-free tissue paper, and bubble-wrap.

Sea Freight

Our Sea freight services are the perfect solution for international moving as you can get access to a large cargo container that can ship a large volume of items for house relocation, personal effects export or goods export from UAE. Our Sea freight services include FCL (full container load) or LCL ( less than container load) with the option for door to door or door to port delivery on both.

Air Freight

If you want your house hold packages to arrive quickly, you may use air freight, which involves placing your items onto a plane and flying them over to you. Through this service you can choose whether to collect the packages from the airport or either get them delivered to your door from the airport. This is the fastest method to ship your household items soon.

Warehousing Services

At certain instances it might take a little while before you know exactly how to find your new home. In this case, you may choose to store them at one of the warehouses that Aeon Shipping in Dubai maintains, giving you the security of knowing that your goods will be stored securely. The ware is monitored using high-definition CCTV. These large warehouses include multiple storage units and thereby allow you to charge on extremely competitive rates to store your household effects safely.

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Popular Areas

Main Cities

Aeon Shipping ships to main cities like Amman, Zarqa, Irbid, and Russeifa. Please contact Aeon Shipping to know about the rates to ship your household effects.


You can ship your household items via the Port of Aqaba, the items can be picked up from the port or this could be arranged to be delivered to your destination.




Queen Alia International Airport (AMM)

Dubai to Amman

King Hussein International Airport (AQJ)

Dubai to Aqaba

Maan Airport (MPQ)

Dubai to Maan

King Hussein Airport (OMF)

Dubai to Mafraq

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Advantages of Shipping Household Goods from Dubai to the Jordan

There are several reasons why you may want to consider using a shipping service to move your items while shifting home to Jordan. First, Aeon Shipping Dubai will be able to guarantee that everything arrives in excellent condition and offers hassle free moving experience. Also, our specialized team will make sure that your items are sorted, packed will and goes through customs properly. You don’t want to waste your time trying to ship these items yourself and not to mention the paperwork that is required. Our team will help you with the paperwork and make your moving process a smooth one.

How Much Does Shipping Household Goods to Jordan Cost?

The costs can be varied, depending on what services you intend to use and how you want to ship the goods. However, when you contact Aeon Shipping Dubai, they will be able to provide you with an accurate quote, allowing you to start planning to use these services. However, you will also need to add the costs of taxes. Taxes will be based on the value of the items that you are trying to import to Jordan.

Examples of the rates for 20 foot container shipping to Jordan’s ports:


Estimate amount

Dubai- Port of Aqaba, Jordan

1,900 $ <

Abu Dhabi- Port of Aqaba, Jordan

1,750 $ <

Sharjah - Port of Aqaba, Jordan

1,850 $ <

Al Ain- Port of Aqaba, Jordan

1,650 $ <

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Process of Shipping Items to the Jordan

The team at Aeon Shipping Dubai understands how important these items are to you. For this reason, our experienced team takes great care when handling your goods, making sure that they arrive in excellent condition. Also, we have third party insurance, ensuring that any claims are settled professionally. These procedures will allow you to move with confidence through Aeon Shipping UAE.

How Long Does Shipping to Jordan Take?

Shipping will depend on the method you choose to move your items. For example, they will arrive faster if you use an air freight service. This service takes 5 to 6 working days. You can track your shipment and if the paperwork is kept ready you can release your shipment soon at port. Shipments via sea port services generally take 25-30 days.

Destination Guidelines

Documents Required

  • Copy of passport showing national identification (ID) / residence permit showing time abroad for a minimum of 12 months (returning citizens)
  • Original bill of lading (OBL) / air waybill (AWB)
  • Registration certificate (foreigners seeking exemption)
  • Packing list of your personal effects
  • Authorization letter
  • Tax ID No. from the local Jordanian income tax department

Customs Clearance Process

The owner of the goods must be present at the time of clearance at Amman Customs.

For returning nationals:

Documents other than the residence permit that may prove time abroad include:

  • Original passport that carries the residency abroad.
  • Original passport that carries the entry stamp in to Jordan
  • Family marriage book (married / families)
  • Lease agreement / certificate of ownership certified by the Greater Amman Municipality.
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For foreigners, if the name of the owner of the goods is on the office registration certificate at the Ministry of Trade and Commerce (usually the person is the acting manager with signature authority), then the goods are exempt from Customs duties.

Again, the exemption applies if the household goods and personal effects are used and not new.

If the owner of the goods’ name is not mentioned on the office registration certificate, but is an employee of a company, then a request from Customs, along with the shipping document and packing list requesting approval to exempt the shipment from Customs duties and taxes.

Diplomats must be in Jordan prior to arrival of the shipment and must register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through their Embassy for approval to import household goods and motor vehicles duty free.

A returning Jordanian is not exempted from Customs, Duties, & Taxes for shipments coming from the same country more than once, regardless of how many years have passed since he/she used his/her exemption privilege.

Duties Taxes

Generally, customs taxes/duties on HHG & P.E are about 47% of CIF value.

  • Duties/taxes on electronics are also about 47% of the declared value of the goods.
  • Customs duties on vehicles depend on the size of the engine and the model year.


If you want to move to a foreign country, you should consider using a professional shipping service, making household goods moving to Jordan much more manageable. As we discussed, Aeon Shipping offers several great transport options and can help you pack the items into a container. Also, with five years of experience, you can rest assured that everything will arrive in excellent condition. So, make sure to contact Aeon Shipping today and request a free quote.

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