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Shipping products to Qatar and moving to Qatar are two very different things. If you are considering moving products through to Qatar you may have a number of different considerations than moving household goods. Many people are picking up and moving to Qatar and in order to make this transition easier, there are a number of companies offering household goods shipping to Qatar as well.

What sets Aeon apart is our experience as well as our ability to make the process of cargo shipping or relocation extremely easy for our clients. One of the most important aspects of shipping items to Qatar involves knowing the basic requirements for import export. There are a number of different materials which simply aren't allowed to pass through in cargo shipping and recognizing some of these causes for concern can make sure that your items don't ever get held up. In this article we will detail some of the basic causes for concern when shipping household goods to Qatar as well as part of our process for shipping from Dubai to Qatar.

Some of the main causes for concern that you should keep out of any luggage going into Qatar includes:

Pork products, weapons, wireless transmitters and communication equipment, alcohol, narcotics, weapons of any kind as well as products made from ivory. It's also important to note that any items shipping into Qatar are subject to censorship. This means that over the process of using international movers to Qatar most of what you may ship is subject to search or seizure as well as censorship. This means that if you plan on shipping DVDs you need to include a synopsis of each movie as well as their running time. Packing all of these items into the same cargo box with the manifest will help to prevent your property from being subject to seizure or censorship. Government officials will be working at each port to make sure that illegal documents and items will not make their way into the country for resale or reviewing.

Some extra customs concerns that our shipping officials from Dubai to Qatar also need to carry is a note about each one of the exports you are shipping. This can mean your furniture, religious materials onboard and more. There are strict laws when it comes to bringing religious materials over as the government does not wish for people to come over and potentially recruit for various worldwide religions.

Keeping these subjects in mind our international shipping experts can guide the process of your move as well as shipping items to Qatar. We work in a variety of ports across Qatar and we can make the process of relocation and shipping much easier because of our experience in this region. Our crew currently works at a ports like Doha, Umm Said, Mesaieed and more.

For more information on the process of shipping or moving to Qatar please contact our experts today.

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