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International Car Shipping Services to Bahrain

Moving into a new country can be a daunting, stressful experience, and it can be made even more complicated when you try to arrange car shipping yourself. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case. You can choose to use a professional car shipping service. Let’s take a look at how this works.

How to Ship a Car to Bahrain

There are many transport options to choose from when you use Aeon Shipping. To be sure that you make the wisest choice, you should make sure to consider what you are looking for in the shipping service. For example, do you need to get the car quickly, at a higher price? Or are you happy to wait a little longer for a more affordable shipping fee? To help you make this decision, let’s look at some of the most popular shipping options available.

Service Models for Shipping a Vehicle to Bahrain


When it comes to International Shipping,many people prefer to ship cars in through sea, this could mean by containers or RORO Vessels. Since this is a well renowned option you might be optimistic to pursue your shipment though this option but when it comes to sending vehicles within the Gulf from Dubia,sea freight can be more costly and a bit of a hassle at the destination customs within the GCC compared to Land Freight.

Land Freight

When it comes to shipping your vehicle within the Gulf from Dubia, sending it via land is your best option. You can cherry pick from a variety of options like Open dedicated Recovery, Closed Dedicated Recovery, for high profiled vehicles, and the shared car carrier option. You can opt in for a full comprehensive service based on your requirements.

Air Freight

Finally, you can use planes to fly your car into a Bahrain airport, ensuring the fastest delivery time. However, the downside is that aircraft can be very costly. You will need to assess your circumstances to determine if this type of transport is appropriate for you.

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Advantages of Shipping Cars from Dubai to Bahrain

There are several advantages to shipping cars to Bahrain this way but the main will be the time you will save when you ship it through a reliable service partner. It's a long drive between borders and cities and the crossings too can be a hassle, not to mention the added mileage and strain on your vehicle for the journey. All this can be avoided by simply shipping your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from Dubai to Bahrain?

The costs associated with importing vehicles can be highly variable. For example, the value of the car can impact how much you will need to pay in taxes. Also, each of the shipping methods has different costs associated with them. For example, while Shared Recovery is the less expensive option, you will still need to consider the waiting time at the border for crossing and the risks involved in them. Shipping Costs can be from AED 3,500.00 to AED 10,500.00 depending on the mode and option of your shipment.

You can contact one of our customer care representatives to get a clear insight to choose the best options to meet your requirements.

How Long Does Shipping a Car to Bahrain Take?

Delivery is something that you will need to discuss with an Aeon Shipping representative, as each method is associated with different shipping times. You might also want to factor in some time for potential delays. For example, a plane might be unable to fly due to bad weather. These events can make car shipping to Oman more challenging.

Duties and Taxes

The Duty and Taxes will be based on your vehicle's value declared by the customs officials and this will be played against the actual receipt. However, if your vehicle is a UAE registered vehicle is less than 24 Months, then you are eligible for a duty free entry provided that you submit the required documents. You can contact one of our customer care representatives to get a clear insight to choose the best options to meet your requirements.

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Important Information for all Vehicle Imports to Bahrain

When opting to ship your vehicle to Bahrain you need to be mindful that as per the customs regulations the consignee's presence at the time of customs clearance is mandatory. This makes clearance for Sea Freight shipments a bit of a hassle but with our well experienced team we can ensure a smooth and fast process.

If you are opting to send your vehicle by land,you are required to be present at the board for customs clearance. Once The vehicle is cleared you will be given a permit to drive the vehicle the registration office with is located closeby. Shipping the vehicle through land has proven to be the best and the process with the least hassle.

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Car Shipping from Bahrain to Dubai

By using a well established service provider with a proven track record for your shipments,you are not only enjoy our premium services but also our well established network of promoent service providers worldwide. Hence shipping your vehicle from Bahrain to Dubai will be done by the best in the industry ensuring the best service.

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With over a decade of experience in the industry we are in the ideal position to provide you a hassle free service for your forthcoming shipping requirements. We offer services to over 2000 destinations. We offer shipping service to a wide range of vehicles like, Motor vehicles include cars, Sedans, SUVs, sports cars, classic cars, race cars, vintage cars, overlander type 4×4’s and trucks. Motorbikes types include bikes, scramblers, superbikes, scooters, dirt bikes, and touring bikes.

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