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Household goods moving to Brunei

Our simple, flexible and affordable shipping process

Simplicity, flexibility, affordability and reliability are what most of our clients demand from us and we are glad that these are the exact things we offer with our elaborate shipping process. It entails the following-:

Pre-move survey – pre-move survey is conducted with one of our shipping professionals in your presence to determine the quantity as well as the nature of the household goods you want to ship to Brunei. It will also help up prepare a quote for you.

Comprehensive quotation – once the pre-move survey is done, our shipping expert will prepare a comprehensive quote, detailing all the costs involved in shipping the household goods from Dubai to the port of destination in Brunei.

Actual shipping – upon acceptance of our quote, we will embark on the shipping process which entails making arrangements for the pickup of the goods, packing, stuffing as well as ensuring that all the paperwork needed for the shipment is in order.

Destination Process – After the shipping process, you will be notified of the arrival, the Brunei clearance procedure as well as the delivery schedule of your goods.

Household Goods Shipping Options

As one of the leading international movers to Brunei, we provide our clients with a variety of options for shipping their household goods. They include the following-:

Dedicated Container Shipping – with this option, goods belonging to a single person is packed and shipped in one steel container. No other item except those owned by the client is allowed access inside the container.

Shared or Consolidated Container shipping – with shared or consolidated containers, the goods are packed in specially designed shipping boxes before being loaded into steel containers for shipping. This is a good choice if you don’t want to use dedicated containers or if the goods are not many enough to fill up a dedicated container.

Air Freight – Air Freight is efficient when you have an urgent need to ship just a small portion of your household goods. It is a fast and reliable option, though it’s slightly expensive compared to sea freight.

We also offer door to door delivery services where we undertake to deliver your goods to any destination in Brunei.

Major Ports in Brunei

We ship to all the major ports in Brunei and these include-:

  • Muara
  • Lumut
  • Seria
  • Kuala Belait
  • Tanjong Salirotanjo

Get in touch with us today if you need to move any type of household goods from UAE to Brunei. We promise to offer you with the best household goods shipping services available in the region.

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