Household goods moving to Iraq

Aeon shipping LLC well known for shipping in their competitive market for their unique way of  shipping in different modes also keeping in mind the standard, Safety and economical way of shipping cars from and to various ports /destination of the world.

About Household goods moving to Iraq

Aeon shipping undertakes all types of moves in and out of UAE, no matter how big or how small, to almost every destination in the world. Aeon’s worldwide agents have relied on its service for years, because its friendly, helpful, professional staff, who take pride in looking after Aeon’s client's interests.

From the time that one of Aeon’s surveyors visits to discuss your move, through to planning and offering the highest quality moving services, We ensures that every aspect of your move runs smoothly.

Aeon shipping is committed to total quality and to earn the full satisfaction of its customers.

Major Cities and Ports in Iraq




Baghdad, Iraq


Basra, Iraq

Mosul, Iraq

Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

Erbil, Iraq

Az Zubayr, Iraq

Kirkuk, Iraq

Karbala, Iraq

Nasiriyah, Iraq

Ramadi, Iraq

Baqubah, Iraq

Al Diwaniyah, Iraq

Amarah, Iraq

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The Pre-Move Survey is the first, important step in a successful move. The Survey is Aeon’s first opportunity to identify and assert the individual requirements that is required in every individual shipment.

After the completion of the survey, Aeon’s Move Coordinator will have a clearer idea of the volume of your possessions as well as a good impression of your specific requirements and concerns.

In addition, Aeon’s Move Coordinator will, explain the techniques employed to pack and handle your possessions; outline the procedures and time frame involved for your move.


The quotation is an important part of your removal. Not only is it the written confirmation of Aeon shipping charges, but it is also the basis of the contract between the customer and Aeon shipping. It is also a confirmation on what services you will be given, the size and weight of your shipment, the destination of the shipment, the approximate transit time and who will be handling the destination services on Aeon shipping behalf. It is important that you read the quotation carefully so that you can fully comprehend the price and special services offered to you by us.


Naturally, the packing is the vital part of the removal process. For this reason, we focus its absolute attention to ensuring your peace of mind and that everything goes smoothly, safely and as professionally as possible.


The customs clearance and related procedures is the process whereby we obtain the necessary permission to export or import your shipment. Our Coordinator will explain the current regulations that relate to your shipment and provide you with all necessary paperwork checklists.


Your shipment can be forwarded to your new destination in many ways by land, sea, air or a combination of all three if necessary. Using our professional experiences ensure that only the most reputable carriers have been chosen and the most efficient routes used.

Land consignments are routed for the shortest, safest possible journey. With its considerable years of experience, we have good reliable partners in many destinations that continue its professional service.

Sea freight shipments can be forwarded in three methods: as an entirely (sole) use container (FCL), as LCL (Less than Container Load) or as Groupage (shared container).

FCL service provides a fast and direct service. The container can be loaded and sealed at customer’s location or our bonded warehouse - giving you total peace of mind in that your effects are safely transported in one large box. Sending your shipment in a sole use container is suitable when you have a large volume of personal effects to ship.

However, should you not have sufficient volume to fill a container; we can offer an LCL (Less than Container Load) shipping option. For an LCL shipment, your belongings are export wrapped and packed at your home and removed to our warehouse. These packages will be consolidated by the shipping line with other cargo going to the same destination. LCL is an economic and safe option in that you pay for the volume your shipment actually takes up. This service is ideal for consignments too large for airfreight, too small for a full container load.

Airfreight is the fastest option and ideal for essential items required immediately on arrival, such as small number of packages. We pack your personal effects in appropriate boxes and arrange to ship on the first available and most direct flight for your destination. All security checks and customs inspections are conducted under the supervision our staff to ensure the safety of your goods.


Once your shipment arrives, Aeon Shipping shall arrange the necessary customs clearance and other formalities to ensure the delivery of your shipment as quickly as possible. The customs clearance process differs from country to country. But Aeon Shipping staff and agents will ensure that your shipment is cleared as quickly as possible. Aeon’s Move Coordinator will monitor the process and keep you fully informed.


Aeon Shipping provides a comprehensive transit insurance coverage available in the moving industry today through a third party agent, while giving outstanding service to each of Aeon Shipping customers. Claims are settled professionally and quickly to the satisfaction of all parties involved.


Aeon Shipping employ friendly, knowledgeable and professional people that take pride in doing whatever is necessary "to get the job done properly". In addition, Aeon Shipping is dedicated to providing customer satisfaction at all times in its service provided.

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