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International Car Shipping Service to Russia

Having occupied up to a seventh of the earth’s land area, Russia is the largest country and one of the most fascinating places on earth. Moscow is the capital and the largest city in Russia. The country is a famous tourist destination thanks to its rich culture and heritage. Keeping in mind the total area of Russia, the country has numerous attractions that make this country extremely famous throughout the world. If you are hoping to travel or move to Russia and you want to ship your car we can help you throughout the process. We offer services that can suit your budget. We ship Cars, Van, Motorcycles, Boats, RV's, ATV's, Freight, Heavy Equipment & More to Russia. It is always best and comfortable to have your own trusty car.

How to Ship a Car to Russia

We offer a wide range of shipping services to Russia for car shipments. We provide services by air, sea container and on Roll On –Roll Off (RoRo) vehicle transport vessels.

Service Modes for Shipping a Vehicle to Russia from Dubai

Dedicated Container Service to Russia

This will be the best option if you are thinking to move to Russia. You can ship your car and household effects all together in the same container. The house hold items will be also arranged, packaged and lashed inside the container. All car shipping containers must comply with strict safety regulations confirming both their structural integrity and that they are deemed wind and water tight. These stringent requirements ensure that when loaded into a container your car will remain safe and protected from the elements.

RORO shipping service to Russia

Also, if you are looking for a cost effective way you can choose to use Roll On Roll Off (RORO). This method is a ship that has been designed specifically for transporting vehicles worldwide. However, this process takes 21 to 28 days. You can ensure that your car is safe since the ship is designed to transport vehicles.

Air Freight

This service offers your shipment delivered in 4 to 5 working days. If you need your car soon due to work purpose we believe this is the best method however this is also the most expensive service.

Shipping a vehicle together with a large amount of household items?

We also offer a combined car and personal effects shipping service where your household items are packed and secured to pallets. Packing onto pallets means that both your car and belongings can be safely loaded together in the same container while greatly reducing any risk of damage. For further information on how we pack items to be combined and shipped with your car, please see contact AEON SHIPPING LLC

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Service Areas in Russia

Main seaports that Aeon Shipping has access to:-

  • The Port of St. Petersburg
  • The Port of Novorossiysk
  • The Port of Kaliningrad
  • The Port of Vladivostok
  • The Port of Murmansk

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Advantages of car shipping to Dubai to Russia

If you’re hoping to stay in Russia for a vacation or whether you are hoping to move to Russia, your car will be shipped safely. Aeon Shipping has a decade of experience in this industry and is well equipped. Their team will be able to help you with all the necessary documents for the car shipping process.

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car from Dubai to Russia?

Making a major decision, like moving to Russia, can often place you under a great deal of financial stress. Thankfully, Aeon Shipping understands this situation. For this reason, there’s a shipping option to cater to every budget. Shipping prices will range approximately between USD 2,280.00 to USD 2,880.00 based on your service requirement and Air Freight can be approximately between USD 9,000.00 to USD 25,000.00 based on your requirements and timings. But keep in mind several factors might influence the cost, like the chosen shipping method and the amount of taxes that you will be required to pay.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you contact Aeon Shipping’s customer representatives, who can provide a more reliable estimate.

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Process of Shipping a Car to Russia

The Customs declaration is necessary to register the vehicle with the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Russia. The temporary import of vehicles can be done only for foreign citizens and only for the duration of the owner of the goods’ visa. No longer than 12 months.

The registration document on your car (a document that proves you are the owner of the car with all the information about the owner and registration). The temporary car permit can be extended for 1 year maximum, but usually it is extended for 3 to 6 months, depending on the type of your visa. It will never be extended for a longer time than your visa registration is valid.

Documents required for the shipment process to Russia

  • Original technical passport
  • Telex release bill of lading / copy air waybill
  • Original Customs declaration
  • Pro-forma invoice
  • Purchase document
  • Employment confirmation letter (non-citizens)

How Long Does Shipping take from Dubai to Russia?

The shipping time will depend on how you choose to transport the car. Sea Freighting will take anywhere between 20 - 30 Days and Air Freight from 2 - 10 days but you have to allocate 5 - 7 days for Customs process in Russia.

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Duties Taxes

When importing a car into Russia, you will need to think about how the vehicle will be used, since this can affect the amount of tax that will apply. The Taxes will be based on the actual bill provided by the customs officials in Russia. This situation can be handled tactfully since if the vehicle comes as part of a Primary Relocation and has been used by the consignee as his personal vehicle for over 6 Months, you could be entitled to Duty Free. However you will have to submit documents to prove employment in another country and the situation of the car.

Car Shipping from Russia to Dubai

If you are hoping to get back to Dubai from Russia, we can help you ship the car to Dubai.

Certain documents should be arranged and our team will assist on these. We will make the process smooth and deliver your car in safely to your destination in Dubai

With over a decade of experience in the industry we are in the ideal position to provide you a hassle free service for your forthcoming shipping requirements. We offer services to over 2000 destinations. We offer shipping service to a wide range of vehicles like, Motor vehicles include cars, Sedans, SUVs, sports cars, classic cars, race cars, vintage cars, overlander type 4×4’s and trucks. Motorbikes types include bikes, scramblers, superbikes, scooters, dirt bikes, and touring bikes.

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