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Household goods moving to Bahrain

Simple, yet very efficient shipping process

It is our joy to make the moving of household goods from Dubai to Bahrain as effortless as possible. This is our sole reason for making the process simple and easy yet extremely efficient. Our shipping process involves the following steps-:

Pre-move Survey – Pre-move survey is the first stage when shipping with us. At this point, a qualified shipping expert will pay you a visit to determine the quantity as well as the nature of the goods you need shipped to Bahrain. This is to facilitate the preparation of the quote and also let you know about the exact shipping process to be undertaken by our company.

Quality and comprehensive Quotation – once the survey is done, a quality and comprehensive quote will be prepared for you, detailing all the involved costs of the shipping.

Actual shipping – if you accept our quote, the actual shipping process begins. This involves pickup of the household goods. You can bring them to one of our consolidated warehouses in Dubai or we can pick them from your place and bring them to our warehouses to prep them for the shipping. This is when we also pack and staff the goods as well as prepare all the paperwork necessary to facilitate moving the household goods from UAE to Bahrain.

Destination Process – before the household goods finally arrive in Bahrain, you will be notified in good time so that you make adequate preparations for the clearance and the pickup once they arrive.

It will however comfort you to know that our staff will be with you to offer you assistance throughout the shipping process. Our desire is to let you have the peace of mind knowing that a reliable company is taking care of your household goods shipping to Bahrain.

Shipping Options

We have different shipping options at your disposal. They include the following-:

Dedicated container shipping – the goods are packed and shipped in one container. Only your goods are shipped in such a container.

Consolidated containers shipping – goods belonging to different persons are shipped in the same container. This is options is less expensive but it can take a while before the goods ship during the consolidation process.

Air Freight – this is ideal for shipping a small volume of goods. It is faster, reliable and efficient but it costs slightly more.

Major Ports in Bahrain

We serve the following sea ports in Bahrain-: Khalifa Bin Salman Port, Sitra Wharf Port and Mina Salman Port. However, we also have door to door delivery services which will ensure that your household goods get to any destination in Bahrain.

Contact us for the most affordable and reliable household goods shipping services from UAE –Dubai to Bahrain.

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