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International Car Shipping Services to Egypt

Moving to Egypt can often be a logistical challenge, especially if you try to do it yourself. Also, packing cars correctly can be a potentially dangerous activity if you don’t have the right training. Thankfully, there is a better alternative. You could let a professional shipping company that takes care of car shipping to Egypt for you.

How to Ship a Car to Egypt

One of the best things about using a professional shipping service is the ability to choose which transport method you want. Often, everyone is looking for something different when considering car shipping to Egypt. For example, one person might value convenience, another might prioritize speed, while someone else might want a low-cost service. Let’s look at the diverse range of transport options offered by Aeon Shipping.

Service Models for Shipping a Vehicle to Egypt

Dedicated Container

If you are transporting a high-value car, you might want to use dedicated containers. By placing it into its secure shipping container, it will be shielded from damage or theft. Services can be found to all major terminals in Egypt making this a reliable option for any and all types of car shipments to Egypt.


For the most cost-effective method, consider Roll On Roll Off (RORO). These vessels have been designed to transport all sizes and shapes of the car. You should be aware that the crew will drive them onto and off the boat, preventing vehicles that aren’t in working condition from being shipped on these boats. Compared to the container option, salings to Egypt is quite seldom and the access ports are very limited.

Air Freight

The final option is an air freight service. The car will be packaged onto a plane and flown into Egypt. Because planes arrive more frequently than cars, this will allow you to get the vehicle the in the shortest time frame. However, this can also be one of the most expensive shipping options.

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Service Areas in Egypt

Egypt, famous for its historical significance, has many points of entry via sea. However due to many restrictions not all ports provide a peaceful ambiance clear goods easily through customs. We offer services throughout Egypt and our main service destinations are Alexandria, Cairo and Suez.

Advantages of Shipping Cars From Dubai to Egypt

There are several advantages to sending cars from Dubai to Egypt. First, Dubai is known internationally as a great place to purchase luxury vehicles. Some people might want to buy cars in Dubai and ship them to Egypt, creating a great business opportunity. Alternatively, you might want to move from Dubai to Egypt and want the convenience of using a professional transport company. Whatever the reason, Aeon Shipping will be able to work with you to make sure that you get the best possible service.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car From Dubai to Egypt?

The costs of international car shipping to Egypt will vary, depending on which method you choose. Also, the value of the car might impact the amount you need to pay in customs. Shipping costs alone will cost from USD 1,900.00 to USD 3,000.00 based on your shipping option and mode, for a more accurate quote, you should contact the friendly team at Aeon Shipping, who can discuss your unique situation with you.

Process of Shipping a Car to Egypt

There are several steps that Aeon Shipping goes through when transporting a car to Egypt. First, they will be sure to take note of the condition of the vehicle and that the vehicle can be shipped to Egypt as they have very strict regulations on vehicle Imports. Then, they will be sure that the vehicle is secured so that it won’t be damaged on the journey. Finally, they go through customs procedures, so you won’t have any problems when the car arrives. You will also be kept updated about the location of your vehicle, so you will know when it will arrive.

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How Long Does Shipping a Car to Egypt Take?

It can be frustrating to wait for a car to arrive, especially if you need it for work. For this reason, you should check with Aeon Shipping about the expected shipping times, so you will be able to plan appropriately.

Destination Guidelines

Customs Clearance Process

Customs proceedings in Egypt are a tiresome and long process which can go upto 1 or 2 weeks depending on the commodity you are importing. With a well established crew in Egypt AEON shipping is in an ideal position to ensure the process happens in a timely and hassle free manner.

Duties Taxes

When importing a car into Egypt, you will need to think about how the vehicle will be used, since this can affect the amount of tax that will apply. The Taxes will be based on the actual bill provided by the customs officials in Egypt.

Car Shipping From Egypt to Dubai

When using a well established service provider with a proven track record for your shipments,you are not only enjoying our premium services but also our well established network of promoent service providers worldwide. Hence shipping your vehicle from Egypt to Dubai will be done by the best in the industry ensuring the best service.

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With over a decade of experience in the industry we are in the ideal position to provide you a hassle free service for your forthcoming shipping requirements. We offer services to over 2000 destinations. We offer shipping service to a wide range of vehicles like, Motor vehicles include cars, Sedans, SUVs, sports cars, classic cars, race cars, vintage cars, overlander type 4×4’s and trucks. Motorbikes types include bikes, scramblers, superbikes, scooters, dirt bikes, and touring bikes.

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