Household Goods Shipping From Dubai,UAE to Russia

When you are considering a move to the Russian Federation you need to definitely have a team of expert shipping and logistics specialists on your side. Shipping to Russia can be one of the most difficult tasks for any mover. One of the biggest issues with shipping to the Russian Federation is that it really helps to have somebody that actually speaks fluent Russian throughout the logistics process. Luckily Aeon has officers around the world to work closely with our company. This means that we can quickly iron out any potential problems as they come about and stick to our strict shipping deadlines. Whether you require international shipping from the UAE to the Russian Federation or full household goods shipping to Russia our team is always well-versed on the current shipping and customs status in Russia to make sure that you have peace of mind knowing that all of your items will arrive in their original condition and on time.

The big problem with Russian shipping standards is that they often change and many times without notice. Having someone that can anticipate these changes as well as provide a relay to our company is absolutely important. With our many international contacts we can remove some of these barriers as well as deliver full door-to-door service for our clients. We work out of a number of Russian ports and still uphold nearly every deadline that we make for any shipment to Russia.

One of the most important considerations of shipping household goods to Russia is keeping a detailed shipping manifest. With the help of our team before departure we can assist you with packing your belongings as well as creating a detailed shipping manifest. One of the quickest ways that you can generate the first initial draft of this manifest is by filling out our questionnaire. By starting the short survey on the website you can get an idea for the type of items that you need to ship as well as double check them against a large list of potential prohibited items were shipping in Russia.

Whether you choose air shipping, surface shipping or Shipping by sea recording the serial number, brand name and a detailed inventory of all of your personal effects is very important to making sure that they aren't seized and that they will pass through customs. Our team can make deliveries throughout many different ports in the Russian federation including Kaliningrad, Ust- Luga, Vyborg, Dikson, Pevek, Vostochny and more. We are also more than happy to meet you with your goods along border passings or potentially provide door to door shipping if that's more convenient for your shipping needs.

If you require any further information on the process of shipping household goods from Dubai to the Russian Federation please begin by filling in our online questionnaire form or by speaking to one of our representatives directly today.

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