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Part of what makes our system so unique is our large international reach. Not only do we have many agents placed throughout the UAE and across Dubai but many of our movers actually work internationally as well. As a result you will often find official representatives for Aeon at a number of ports including several workers that have long-established relationships with us in Malaysia. As well as our unique international relationships we also have a comprehensive quotation platform that makes it much easier to declare your items for customs as well as ensure that they make it through shipping with ease.

International shipping from UAE to Malaysia can often take its toll on your goods but with the help of professionals who know how to properly pack storage containers as well as package all of your goods, it's possible that you can receive all of your items completely damage free.

One of the ultimate modern conveniences that we have for household goods shipping to Malaysia is a door-to-door service that helps us bring a small mini shipping container right to your door. As well as featured access to loading up these partial containers or full empty containers we also feature a number of services that include the use of our expert packers. These packaging professionals can make sure that all of your items are properly accounted for in customs manifests, package of all of your items with the best materials possible and arrange your shipping container so that it's professionally packed preventing damage to all of your household goods. Although this is a premium service is highly recommended especially when completing shipping from Dubai/ from the UAE to Malaysia. It will ensure that the shipping process goes smoothly and that all of your items arrive in a port ready to be moved into your home.

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Major Ports in Malaysia

Our international movers to Malaysia work of a number of different ports including; Kelang, Pasir,Gudang, Bintulu Sarawak, SanDakan Sabah and more. It's with this wide selection that we offer you the ultimate in convenience. You can pick up at any of these ports or have our international movers shipped directly to your new doorstep or clients doorstep.

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