Car Shipping to the Philippines

International Car Shipping to the Philippines

When you move to an international location, you want to take your car with you, allowing you to feel more relaxed, as you have your vehicle. However, there are multiple difficulties with trying to import a vehicle into a foreign country. In most cases, you might not know where to begin. Thankfully, you will be able to use a car shipping service. They will be able to help you package and transport the car to you, making car shipping to the Philippines easy. Let’s look at how this will work.

How to Ship a Car to the Philippines

There are multiple things that you will need to consider when deciding how to transport a car. For example, you will need to think about the value of the vehicle. You may also want to think about how long you will be willing to wait before the car arrives. If you need more information or wish to discuss any of these options further, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Aeon Shipping.

Service Models for Shipping a Vehicle to the Philippines

Dedicated Container

First, you have the option to have the car placed into a shipping container. The Aeon Shipping team will help you make sure that it’s been appropriately secured, preventing it from sliding around and becoming damaged during the journey. Also, you will be able to send personal items with the car.


For the least expensive option, you may want to consider using a Roll On Roll Off (RORO) shipping option. These are specialized ships that are designed to transport cars around the world. Because these can house thousands of vehicles at once, you will be able to save much money by using this transport method. However, you will need to make sure that the crew can drive the auto onto the boat. You also won’t be allowed to send anything that isn’t standard to the car.

Air Freight

Finally, you might want to use the air freight option, which allows you to place the car onto a plane and have it flown into the Philippines, ensuring that you get the car the fastest possible way. However, it is also associated with the highest charges.

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Advantages of Shipping Cars from Dubai to the Philippines

There are multiple benefits you will receive by transporting a car from Dubai to the Philippines. For example, you will be able to get access to a luxury car, allowing you to stand out on the road, showing off your status. Also, you will be spared from the difficulties of selling your old car to buy a new one.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from Dubai to the Philippines?

The costs will often vary, depending on the transport method that you have chosen. For example, air freight will be more expensive than using a RORO boat. You will also need to consider any taxes that you will need to pay when bringing the car through customs.

Process of Shipping a Car to the Philippines

There are multiple steps that Aeon Shipping takes to ensure that the vehicle arrives in excellent condition. For example, they will perform a thorough check, noticing any dents or scratches. Then, they will make sure that it’s been secured into the container before shipping it, ensuring that the vehicle arrives in excellent condition.

How Long Does Shipping a Car to the Philippines Take?

Shipping is highly variable, depending on the method of transportation. For example, you may need to wait for the car to be loaded onto a ship, then transported to your destination. You may also have to factor in potential delays.

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Destination Guidelines

Customs Clearance Process

When you import a car into the Philippines, you will need to show multiple documents, allowing you to show authorities that you don’t represent a threat. You will need legal forms, including the packing list, invoice for the vehicle, Bill of Lading, Import permit, the Certificate of Origin, and a Customs Import Declaration.

Duties Taxes

You will need to be prepared to pay multiple taxes when you import a car into the Philippines. Generally, you will need to be ready to pay around 20 percent in taxes, as well as other fees. The more the car is worth, the more expenses you will need to pay.

Car Shipping from the Philippines to Dubai

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