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Household goods moving to Oman

Efficient Shipping Process

At Aeon Shipping LLC, it is our desire to make household goods shipping to Oman simple yet very efficient. The process begins with a survey of the household goods in your presence by one of our shipping experts. This survey is aimed at helping us understand the nature as well we the volume of the goods you need shipped to Oman. After the survey, we will prepare a detailed quote, listing all the costs involved in moving from Dubai to Oman for your consideration.

The actual shipping process then begin with us scheduling for a pickup, packing as well as staffing the goods and also preparing the paperwork needed for customs clearance by the two countries. We will finally keep you updated on the shipping progress until the goods land in your destination of choice in Oman.

A Variety of Shipping Options

Being one of the top international movers to Oman, we have different shipping option to meet you unique shipping needs. They include the following-:

Dedicated container shipping – with this option, you are charged for the cost of shipping in one dedicated container. The rate is the same whether or not you have a lot of goods to fill up the container. Only your items will be shipped with this option.

Consolidated/Shared Container Shipping – with consolidated container shipping, goods from different people willing to ship to Oman are first consolidate in our warehouses in Dubai, then they are packed into special shipping containers before being loaded into steel containers. This is a relatively affordable means, except that it might take a while before enough goods are consolidated to fill up one container.

Air Freight – Air Freight is for you if you are looking to ship just a small portion of your household goods in very short period. It is fast, reliable but slightly expensive when compared to the rest.

In addition to these methods, we also offer customized services such as special packaging for delicate or fragile items so that they do not suffer any damages during the shipping.

Customs Clearance

A lot of clients dealing with international shipping from UAE to Oman usually encounter certain challenges in dealing with the customs officials in both countries. However, it will please you to learn that we take care of all the custom clearance for you hence you won’t even have to be physically present to clear your goods.

Contact us for the best services for moving from Abu Dhabi, Dubai or any other place within the UAE to Oman. Our desire is for you to make us your shipping company of choice due to our quality and affordable shipping services.

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