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Household goods moving to Tunisia

Our Shipping Process

If you are interested in a full service package which includes the use of our expert packaging and logistics experts we can help you out with packaging your items as well as creating a manifest for customs in Tunisia. This kind of assistance really helps with making a move much easier and if you're planning on moving from Dubai to Tunisia they can really help to save you time when packing up all of your belongings.

For an official quote on international shipping from the UAE to Tunisia we must first start with a survey form. These surveys can be found across our website and they offer you the chance to record just what you need to ship for our experts. Through this recording process we can start to gauge an idea of just how many square feet you might require for shipping space as well as allow us to give recommendations for how you can save money with the cost of your move. As international removal experts our official quote for shipping from Dubai to Tunisia utilize the best cost-saving methods including port forwarding, a combination of different shipping types as well as the option for partial container booking services.

Major Ports in Tunisia

Our team on the ground has many partners in ports across Tunisia. In the past we have delivered products to the following ports and holding areas; Tazerka, Sfax, Zarzis, Sousse and more. By choosing the port pickup option you will be given a notification when your package arrives and clears through customs. At this point you can book a local moving company to help you pick up your items or you can contact our company to arrange direct door-to-door shipping options.

As well as making the transitioning process a little bit easier on our customers our focus is also on the safety of our employees throughout any shipping process. This means that every one of our logistics experts is well-versed on health and safety training to prevent injury, security issues and more. We are environmentally conscious as well as strongly focused on delivering 100% satisfaction to every one of our customers.

If you have any questions about the process of shipping to Tunisia from UAE or household goods shipping internationally to Tunisia please contact our team members today.

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