Car Shipping to South Africa

International Car Shipping to South Africa

Located at the southern tip of the African continent, South Africa is a prevalent location for tourists to visit. Tourists like South Africa since it has natural beauty and a range of beautiful mountains. Because of its location, it has a broad mix of economic influences, giving it a relatively stable financial system.

How to Ship a Car to South Africa

There are several techniques that you might use to transport a car to South Africa. However, the two main methods are flying the vehicle in or shipping it across the oceans. Each of these transport options has different pros and cons, depending on what your needs are. To make sure that you make an informed decision, you might want to talk to one of the friendly representatives from Aeon Shipping about your options.

Service Models for Shipping a Vehicle to South Africa

Dedicated Container

First, you might want to consider using a dedicated container. This option will have your car placed into a shipping container. Aeon Shipping will make sure that it’s kept securely in place. By doing this, you will be able to move goods at the same time.


Secondly, you can choose to use Roll On Roll Off (RORO). This method is a ship that has been designed specifically for transporting vehicles. For this reason, this option has the lowest associated fees. However, it can take a while before these ships arrive.

Air Freight

Finally, some people need their cars urgently for work. In this case, you don’t have time to wait for shipping. For this reason, they turn to air freight, where the car is placed on a plane and sent to your location. When choosing to use this shipping method, you should be aware that you will be expected to pay higher fees.

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Service Areas in South Africa

South Africa, also known as the rainbow nation,has many sea ports to access from. Aeon Shipping uses port Durban, Cape Town, Elisabath and johannesburg through which they provide services within the country.

Contact their customer service representative to plan your shipment to South Africa.

Advantages of Shipping Cars from Dubai to South Africa

The reasons why people want to ship cars to South Africa are as diverse as the vehicles they send. For example, some people might be moving there for work. Others might want to have an extended vacation, touring around the stunning countryside. Regardless of why you want to have car shipping to South Africa, Aeon Shipping will be able to make sure that the vehicle arrives safely.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car from Dubai to South Africa?

Making a major decision, like moving to South Africa, can often place you under a great deal of financial stress. Thankfully, Aeon Shipping understands this situation. For this reason, there’s a shipping option to cater to every budget. Shipping prices will range approximately between USD 1,650.00 to USD 2,050.00 based on your service requirement and Air Freight can be approximately between USD 9,000.00 to USD 25,000.00 based on your requirements and timings. But keep in mind several factors might influence the cost, like the chosen shipping method and the amount of taxes that you will be required to pay.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you contact Aeon Shipping’s customer representatives, who can provide a more reliable estimate.

Process of Shipping a Car to South Africa

The importation of used vehicles is restricted to protect the local motor vehicle manufacturing industry however if you are a returning South African national or immigrant who has a permanent residence you have a higher possibility to get a permit to ship your vehicle into the country. All vehicles need to get an Import permit from the National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications (NRCS). Once you have obtained the import permit you can start on the documentation process to start the shipment. You can check the official government website of South Africa for more information on importing used and second hand vehicles to South Africa.

The extensive checks employed by Aeon Shipping ensure that the car will arrive undamaged. They will check everything from the mileage to the way it’s packaged. They’ll also coordinate with international authorities, so you don’t run into problems during customs. With over five years of experience and a team of highly knowledgeable staff, Aeon Shipping is the best way to make sure that your vehicle arrives in good condition.

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How Long Does Shipping to South Africa Take?

The shipping time will often depend on the transport method that you choose to employ. For example, there are more flights available than there are RORO shipping options. Because of the availability of air freight, your car can be delivered faster. Sea freight shipping via a container would take from 17 to 40 days and Air freight would take 2 - 10 days.

It's recommended that you contact Aeon Shipping’s customer representatives, to get the best option which meets your expected time frames.

Destination Guidelines

Customs Clearance Process

The customs clearance process can be a herculean task if you are not familiar with the clearance process. Luckily you need not venture on your own, we at AEON through our decade long history of service to South Africa have built strong networks and connections with agents in the country who are renowned for your service commitment. We can ensure you that the process will be smooth by thoroughly inspecting all documents to ensure that they are in order prior shipping the keep you updated on the process and requirements both here and in South Africa

Duties Taxes

When importing a car into South Africa, you will need to think about how the vehicle will be used, since this can affect the amount of tax that will apply. The Taxes will be based on the actual bill provided by the customs officials in South Africa.

How to Register an Imported Car to South Africa

There are multiple documents that you will need to show when you are trying to register your car. Such materials can include showing documents like your RSA papers, and information related to the licensing of the vehicle. If you intend to use the automobile for business, you might need to show additional documents.

Car Shipping from South Africa to Dubai

When using a well established service provider with a proven track record for your shipments,you are not only enjoying our premium services but also our well established network of promoent service providers worldwide. Hence shipping your vehicle from South Africa to Dubai will be done by the best in the industry ensuring the best service.

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