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Moving to a new, unfamiliar country can often be a big challenge. You will need to learn new customs and adjust to a different way of living, and it’s especially true in a vast country like Nigeria, which is home to around 200 million people. For this reason, many people might want to take their car with them when they move, which is often a great way of providing comfort. It will also save money in the long-term, as you don’t need to purchase a new car. To allow you to reap these benefits, let’s look at how Aeon Shipping can help you bring your vehicle with you when you move from Dubai to Nigeria.

How to Ship a Car to Nigeria

There are several procedures that you will need to follow when shipping a car. However, one of the first things that you will need to do is decide on the best transportation method, which often varies, depending on your needs. To help you make an informed decision, let’s look at some of your options.

Service Modes for Shipping a Vehicle to Nigeria

Dedicated Container

Using a dedicated container is an excellent option for people who are looking for a way to ship personal objects with their cars. In this model, the vehicle will be chocked securely in place. Depending on the size of your car, you will have space available in the container, which you can fill with your items.


If you are on a budget, you might want to consider using a Roll On Roll Off (RORO) option, in which the car is placed onto a purpose-built ship, which will ship multiple vehicles at once, offering the lowest prices. However, you will only be allowed to ship working cars and can’t send any personal items with them.

Air Freight

Finally, you might want to consider using air freight, ensuring that you can get the vehicles delivered faster, as you won’t need to wait for shipping to become available. However, it is also the most expensive.

When deciding which option you want to pursue, you might want to consult with Aeon Shipping, which can provide you with more information about which option will best suit your needs.

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Service Areas in Nigeria

Nigeria,also known as the giant of Africa, has about 6 Seaports out of which Port Lagos, the biggest in the country, Port Tin can and Port Apapaare the most prominent. We offer services to the above mentioned ports as the clearance process

Advantages of Shipping Cars From Dubai to Nigeria

As we discussed earlier, some people might want to drive their cars, making them feel more comfortable. However, you can also do business by selling imported, customized vehicles. Keep in mind, if you ship vehicles in Huge Volume then you can enjoy more competitive shipping rates.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car From Dubai to Nigeria?

The exact amount that you will need to pay often varies, from USD 1,500.00 to USD 5,150.00, depending on which option you choose. For this reason, it’s wise to contact a professional shipping company, like Aeon Shipping. They can give you a more accurate breakdown of the costs associated with each transport method, and it will provide you with more confidence when planning car shipping to Nigeria.

Process of Shipping a Car to Nigeria

With over a decade of experience, there are plenty of ways that Aeon Shipping can help you make sure that the car arrives in good condition. For example, they will ensure that it’s properly secured when it leaves the port. Also, they can help talk to the authorities, making sure that everything goes smoothly when the car arrives. By ensuring that you encounter a hassle-free process, you will enjoy using their services.

Get in touch with their customer service representatives to plan your shipment.

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How Long Does Shipping a Car to Nigeria Take?

Shipping time frame could be from 10 days to 3 Months depending on the shipping mode of choice but several factors may impact on travel times. For example, a boat or plane may become delayed. Thankfully, Aeon Shipping can keep you informed throughout this process.

Destination Guidelines

Custom Clearance Process

Customs Clearance process in Nigeria could be a tiresome and enduring process especially if you area first time importer. With over 20 shipments being sent to Nigeria through AEON on a monthly basis, they are in an ideal position to advise you on the proceedings in Nigeria

Duties and Taxes

Customs Duty and all other government are based on the actual receipt issued by the Nigerian Customs. These rates will be against the value declared by the Nigerian Customs authorities who will evaluate the vehicle based on predetermined criteria.

Car Shipping From Nigeria to Dubai

You may have just finished a work trip or holiday, or you want to relocate to Dubai. In this case, Aeon Shipping is the perfect service to help you make this transition. They have plenty of experience moving cars around the world and can make sure that your vehicle gets from Nigeria to Dubai safely.

With over a decade of experience in the industry we are in the ideal position to provide you a hassle free service for your forthcoming shipping requirements. We offer services to over 2000 destinations. We offer shipping service to a wide range of vehicles like, Motor vehicles include cars, Sedans, SUVs, sports cars, classic cars, race cars, vintage cars, overlander type 4×4’s and trucks. Motorbikes types include bikes, scramblers, superbikes, scooters, dirt bikes, and touring bikes.

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