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Are you hoping to move to Sudan? This might not be the easiest place to settle in, so make sure to be well prepared for your move! You can find all the details necessary to move to Sudan from Dubai. Sudan is officially known as The Republic of Sudan and is a country of North Africa, located in the Nile Valley. The third largest country in Africa, Sudan was home to a population of approximately 40.53 million (2017). Aeon Household Moving will help you from paperwork to delivery. They have partnerships with an exclusive network of agents worldwide, hence shipments of household effects can be brought in and out of Dubai. When you choose the services provided by Aeon Shipping, you will have the confidence of knowing that your goods will arrive in excellent condition. Let’s look at how this process works.

How to Ship Your Household Goods to the Sudan

There are multiple options that you may want to consider when shipping your items. This flexibility will make it easy for you to choose the right level of service to suit your needs.

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Service Modes for Shipping Household Items to the Sudan

Packing Services

One of the critical parts of moving is packing. Their team is well equipped and trained to arrange and pack well. All furniture is carefully wrapped and padded to ensure maximum protection. Personal belongings are expertly packed into cartons with particular care given to delicate articles. Additional protection is provided with wooden crates, acid-free tissue paper, and bubble-wrap.

Sea Freight

Our Sea freight services are the perfect solution for international moving as you can get access to a large cargo container that can ship a large volume of items for house relocation, personal effects export or goods export from UAE. Our Sea freight services include FCL (full container load) or LCL ( less than container load) with the option for door to door or door to port delivery on both.

Air Freight

If you want your house hold packages to arrive quickly, you might opt to use air freight, which involves placing your items onto a plane and flying them over to you. Through this service you can choose whether to collect the packages from the airport or either get them delivered to your door from the airport. This is the fastest method to ship your household items soon.

Warehousing Services

At certain instances it might take a little while before you know exactly how to find your new home. In this case, you may choose to store them at one of the warehouses that Aeon Shipping in Dubai maintains, giving you the security of knowing that your goods will be stored securely. The ware is monitored using high-definition CCTV. These large warehouses include multiple storage units and thereby allow you to charge on extremely competitive rates to store your household effects safely.

Popular Areas

Main Cities

The beautiful cities in Sudan are worth checking out, with a rich cultural heritage, twice as many pyramids as Egypt, and warm, welcoming locals. Port Sudan is the capital of the Red Sea State with 1.4 million inhabitants and an area of 219,000 km². It is the major commercial point for exports and imports and one of the top cities in Sudan.

  • Omdurman
  • Khartoum
  • Khartoum North
  • Nyala
  • Port Sudan
  • Kassala
  • Al-Ubayyid
  • Kosti
  • Qadarif
  • Wad Madani

Airports in Sudan

There are 25 Airports in Sudan that you will be able to access when sending cargo by air freight. The Khartoum International Airport in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan is the largest and the main airport of all.

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Advantages of Shipping Household Goods from Dubai to the Sudan

There are several reasons why you may want to consider using a shipping service to move your items. First, Aeon Shipping Dubai will be able to guarantee that everything arrives in excellent condition and offers hassle free moving experience. Also, our specialized team will make sure that your items are sorted, packed will and goes through customs properly. You don’t want to waste your time trying to ship these items yourself and not to mention the paperwork that is required. Our team will help you with the paperwork and make your moving process a smooth one.

How Much Does Shipping Household Goods to Sudan Cost?

The costs can be varied, depending on what services you intend to use and how you want to ship the goods. However, when you contact Aeon Shipping Dubai, they will be able to provide you with an accurate quote, allowing you to start planning to use these services. However, you will also need to add the costs of taxes. Taxes will be based on the value of the items that you are trying to import to Sudan.

Examples of the rates for 20 foot container shipping to Sudan’s ports:


Estimate amount

Dubai- Port sudan

1,800 $ >

Abu Dhabi- Port sudan

1,700 $ >

Sharjah - Port sudan

1,750 $ >

Al Ain- Port sudan

1,600 $ >

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Process of Shipping Items to the Sudan

The team at Aeon Shipping Dubai understands how important these items are to you. For this reason, our experienced team takes great care when handling your goods, making sure that they arrive in excellent condition. Also, we have third party insurance, ensuring that any claims are settled professionally. These procedures will allow you to move with confidence through Aeon Shipping UAE.

How Long Does Shipping to Sudan Take?

Shipping will depend on the method you choose to move your items. For example, they will arrive faster if you use an air freight service. This service takes 5 to 6 working days. You can track your shipment and if the paperwork is kept ready you can release your shipment soon at port. Shipments via sea port services generally take 25-30 days.

Destination Guidelines

Prepare a copy of passport and Sudanese National ID number (for Sudanese nationals).

Visas for entry and residence into Sudan must be applied for and issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Khartoum.

For short business or tourism visits, an entry visa must be issued, which allows visitors to the country a stay of up to one month and takes between four to six weeks to process. Details of entry requirements and associated documentation can be obtained from the Sudanese Embassy.

Original bill of lading (OBL), an express release and an air waybill (AWB) needs to be ready.

A detailed inventory of the household goods in English or Arabic, dated, valued, and signed by the owner of the goods

You need to prepare a letter of employment and a diplomatic exemption form (the diplomatic organization will apply with Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

Expats who are moving to Sudan for an extended stay and residency must have a sponsor which can be one of the following:

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  • private sponsor (relatives or friends in Sudan)
  • sponsoring company based in Sudan
  • business partner based in Sudan
  • hotel or travel agency based in Sudan

Again, applications should be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; this will then provide entrants to the country with an extended stay visa for up to 60 days, and during this time sponsors will be required to submit a further application for residency.

Whether you are moving abroad for the first time or relocated multiple times before, the process raises many questions. Our complete guide to relocation will ease your doubts along the way, from the initial preparations to how to negotiate a relocation package, we help you GO! prepared with the key answers.

Customs Clearance Process

  • Agents should receive documents 4 days prior to arrival of the shipment.
  • Customs clearance takes approximately 1 week for sea and 48 hours for air shipments.
  • CDs, DVDs, scanners, and printers included in the shipment can delay Customs clearance, as Customs must screen all items and may require permits for printers / scanners.

Duties Taxes

Customs taxes and duties will be levied by Sudanese Customs, determined through evaluation of the value of items. All non-diplomatic shipments are inspected and are subject to inspection fees. Import taxes must be paid for all non-diplomats and returning Sudanese.


If you want to move to a foreign country, you should consider using a professional shipping service, making household goods moving to Sudan from Dubai is much more manageable. As we discussed, Aeon Shipping Dubai offers several great transport options and can help you pack the items into a container. Also, with five years of experience, you can rest assured that everything will arrive in excellent condition. So, make sure to contact Aeon Shipping UAE today and request a free quote.

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