Household goods moving to Nigeria

Simple Shipping Process

We have in place a very simple process for moving from Dubai to Nigeria. This is to eliminate the hassles and struggles that are usually witnessed when dealing with the less experienced shipping companies. Our process involves the following four steps-:

Household Goods Survey

This survey is conducted by one of our shipping experts in your presence and at the current location of the goods in Dubai. The aim of this survey is to let us know the exact volume of goods you need to ship and also determine if they are the right ones that are allowed for importation in Nigeria. Additionally, we will use the information from this survey to prepare the quote in the next step.

Comprehensive Quote

Based on the information obtained from the survey, we will draw a comprehensive quote to give you all the costs needed for household good shipping to Nigeria. We would however like to assure you that our pricing is very competitive and we will present you with the most viable option to ship your goods.


Upon acceptance of our quote and the terms and conditions for the shipping, the actual shipping process will commence. This usually start with arranging for the pickup of the commodity from your residence to our warehouses, packing, staffing as well as preparing all the necessary paperwork for the customs in both countries.

Destination Process

We then give you real time update on the progress of the shipping including the departure time, estimated delivery dates as well as the delivery schedules once the goods reach the destination port.

Duty Free Shipping to Nigeria

It is important to note that there are certain household goods which will qualify for duty free shipping to Nigeria. But in order for this to happen, there are certain conditions which the specific items must meet. For instance, you must prove that you have owned the item for the last six months prior to the importation. Additionally, you must also prove that you intend to use the items for personal use and not for resale. However, there are other items which duties are imposed upon, even if you have owned them for the required period of time or you don’t intend to resell them. They include jewelry, perfumes, films and computers.

Major Seaports in Nigeria

Being one of the top international movers to Nigeria, our household shipping services are available to all the major ports in Nigeria. In addition to this, we also offer doo to door delivery services where we can deliver your household goods to any address in Nigeria. Here are some of the ports which we serve-: Port Harcourt, Apapa, Burutu, Lagos, Bonny, Calabar, Okrika, Warri and Odudu.

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