Household goods moving to Egypt

Our simple household good shipping process

We use the following simple process for your household goods shipping to Egypt-:

Pre-move Survey – this survey is conducted by one of our shipping experts in your presence to determine the quantity as well as the nature of the household goods you want to ship to Egypt. The essence of the survey is to let us be at a better position of informing you on the best shipping options available to you. In addition to this, it will help us in preparing an appropriate quote for you.

Comprehensive Quotation – once we are done with the survey, we will prepare and present you with comprehensive quote detailing each and every cost involved in the shipping process.

Actual Shipping – the actual shipping commences the moment you agree to the cost as well as our terms and conditions. The process begins with scheduling a pickup for all the goods, staffing, packing and also the preparation of all the necessary documents needed by the custom officials, both at the port of entry and the port of exit.

Destination Process – After the goods leave the port of exit in Dubai, we will keep you apprised of the progress of the shipment in real time. We will let you know about the arrival of the shipment, clearance procedures in Egypt as well as the delivery schedule by our shipping experts in Egypt.

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Household Goods Shipping Options to Egypt

We offer the following options for clients who need household goods shipping to Egypt-:

Dedicated Container Shipping – in dedicated container shipping, only your goods are shipped in a steel container. It’s ideal if you have lots of household goods or you have very delicate items which you wouldn’t want shipped with any other kind of goods.

Shared container Shipping – with shared container shipping, the household goods are packed in special wooden shipping boxes then loaded into the steel containers for final shipping. This is a suitable method if your goods are not of adequate volume to warrant the use of a dedicated container.

Air Freight – this option is for those looking forward to shipping just a small portion of their goods quickly while the rest are shipped with sea freight. It is a relatively expensive mode but very reliable and efficient.

Major seaports in Egypt

The following are major seaports which we use for international shipping from UAE to Egypt-:

  • Port of Alexandria
  • Damietta
  • Port Said
  • Maadiya Port
  • Suez Canal Port
  • Ras Sudr
  • Hamrawein
  • Adabiya
  • El Meks
  • Abu Zenima
  • Abu Qir
  • Sidi Kerir

Contact us for more information about moving from Abu Dhabi to Egypt or shipping any other kind of items from UAE to the rest of the world.

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