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Shipping Process of Household Goods Moving to USA from Dubai

Our company offers a massive selection of shipping options which are all detailed in our free quote system. Some of our clients opt to use door to door shipping throughout the United States were as others prefer to pick up items at the closest port. For household goods shipping to USA we even offer packages whereby our shipping experts can come to your home and help you easily package up all of your household goods. This expert packaging service also ensures that you can utilize the most of the space provided in any packaging container. With the ability to use partial containers as well we can help to save you even more money on the cost of international movers to USA.

Some of the top advantages that you can receive by utilizing Aeon shipping for international shipping from the UAE to USA include; a reduction in airport baggage fees by allowing us to take most of your items via airmail or long-term shipping, extensive experience, logistics support and monitoring through each step of your move and some of the lowest prices in the industry.

By filling out a questionnaire you can give us an idea on the types of items that you would like to ship through our services. Each of our containers comes backed by comprehensive insurance coverage. We will prepare multiple quotes based on the types of services you feel you might be interested in. We can also provide you with free advice when it comes to clearing customs, pick up, packing and more. Our experts are a wealth of knowledge and we are afraid to share it without any obligation to use our services.

It is important to note that there are a few considerations with U.S. Customs shipping restrictions. As international shipping experts from UAE to USA we can help to identify some of these restricted items and help you reduce the chances of issues of the border. Some of the main items for concern are; raw hides, plastics and rubber materials, arms and weapons, medication, clocks and watches, fertilizers, tobacco products and substitutes and more.

Major Ports in the United States

We currently have port officials working out of the following pickup points and more; Louisiana, Houston Texas, Long Beach, Hampton Roads, Corpus Christi, Baton Rouge, Seattle, Charleston, Boston.

If you have any questions about moving household goods to the USA or international shipping concerns please contact Aeon Shipping LLC today.

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