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Georgia is a country located between Western Asia and Eastern Europe, which also borders the Black Sea. With a population of over three and a half million people, this area is known for its long history. Many people dream of exploring this area in a custom-made car. Let’s look at some of the regulations around car shipping to Georgia.

How to Ship a Car to Georgia

There are several methods that you can use to transport a car to Georgia. The best approach will vary, depending on how quickly you need the vehicle and how much you are willing to pay.If you are in doubt about which one you should choose, make sure to contact Aeon Shipping. They will be able to discuss your needs and help you identify the best choice.

Services for Shipping a Vehicle to Georgia

Dedicated Container

If you want to transport your boat via the sea, you may want to consider a dedicated container, which will have your car placed into a container by itself, held securely in place. Also, there is usually enough space in the container to ship personal items with the vehicle, and there is little chance of it getting delayed, as most cargo ships run on a strict schedule.

Consolidate Container

If you are seeking a more cost-effective alternative to a dedicated container, you may consider a consolidated container, which will have your vehicle transported with two or more other cars. Because there are multiple other vehicles in the container, the costs will be significantly reduced.


Roll On Roll Off (RORO) is the most affordable way of car shipping to Georgia. It involves placing the car on a particular boat, which is specially designed for shipping these vehicles. However, there are some restrictions on the kind of vehicles that these services will handle.

Air Freight

Airfreight will have your car delivered to an airport by plane. Though it can be costly, it is the fastest and most reliable way to receive your vehicle.

Service Areas in Georgia

All Sea freights enter the country through the port of Poti, the major port in the Country. We at AEON, through our decade long built networks with reputed, professional shipping agencies in Georgia, can offer you Door to Door service to any Major city in Georgia.

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Advantages of Shipping Cars from Dubai to Georgia

You may want to investigate car shipping to Georgia. For example, you may wish to transport a custom-made car. There are often several cars that may not be available to purchase in Georgia. Instead of being restricted by the vehicles that they are selling, you can choose to import an auto, being sure that you are happy with the car.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car to Georgia?

Making a major decision, like moving to Georgia, can often place you under a great deal of financial stress. Thankfully, Aeon Shipping understands this situation. For this reason, there’s a shipping option to cater to every budget. Shipping prices will range approximately between USD 1,680.00 to USD 2,080.00 based on your service requirement and Air Freight can be approximately between USD 9,000.00 to USD 25,000.00 based on your requirements and timings. But keep in mind several factors might influence the cost, like the chosen shipping method and the amount of taxes that you will be required to pay.

For this reason, it’s recommended that you contact Aeon Shipping’s customer representatives, who can provide a more reliable estimate.

AEON SHIPPING Process of Shipping a Car to Georgia

We go through several processes to ensure that you are happy when your car arrives. These checks help set us apart from our competition. First, we make sure to check the vehicle for any dents or scratches. We also make sure to note the mileage and provide all this information to you. Also, we make sure to liaise with the Georgian authorities to make the shipping process as simple as possible. We have over five years of experience in this area, so you can be assured that you will receive professional expertise.

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Destination Guidelines

Custom Clearance Process

During the customs clearance proceedings you are requested to submit certain documents based on your shipment and your statues at the time of Import. Contact us now to get more information on the proceedings.

Duties and Taxes

Customs Duty exemptions are provided only for Diplomatic shipments. Duty and other taxes will be based on the actual bill given by customs authority in Georgia. The amount of import duties depends on engine type and volume, year of production and steering (left or right). Estimate amount can be checked at

Car Shipping from Georgia to Dubai

When using a well established service provider with a proven track record for your shipments,you are not only enjoying our premium services but also our well established network of promoent service providers worldwide. Hence shipping your vehicle from Georgia to Dubai will be done by the best in the industry ensuring the best service.

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With over a decade of experience in the industry we are in the ideal position to provide you a hassle free service for your forthcoming shipping requirements. We offer services to over 2000 destinations. We offer shipping service to a wide range of vehicles like, Motor vehicles include cars, Sedans, SUVs, sports cars, classic cars, race cars, vintage cars, overlander type 4×4’s and trucks. Motorbikes types include bikes, scramblers, superbikes, scooters, dirt bikes, and touring bikes.

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