Household Goods Moving to Brazil

Our simple yet effective shipping process

The last thing you need for international shipping from UAE to Brazil is a long, expensive and tedious shipping process. But luckily for you, we present you with a super awesome shipping process. It is not just simple, but also very effective. The process is as follows-:

Pre-move survey – for us to determine the exact volume or quantity of the goods you need to ship, one of our shipping experts will conduct a pre-move survey on your goods. This is done in your presence and it also helps us in preparing a comprehensive quote for you.

Quality Quotation – depending on the results above, we will prepare an appropriate quotation that will suit your needs with regards to the amount of goods you need shipped.

Shipping – Upon acceptance of the quote, we will embark on the shipping process. This involves making the necessary arrangements for the pickup, packing, stuffing as well as the preparation of all the necessary documentation needed to ship the household goods from UAE to Canada.

Destination Process – before the goods finally arrive in Brazil, we will notify you in good time about the arrival of the shipment, the intended destination and the custom clearance procedure in Brazil. This is so that you can make the necessary arrangements for clearing and picking up the goods after the shipment.

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Household goods shipping options

We present you with a variety of options for household goods shipping to Brazil. They include the following-:

Air Freight – Air Freight is available if you are looking forward to shipping a small portion of your household goods while the rest of the shipment comes by sea freight. It is slightly expensive but very efficient and reliable.

Dedicated Container shipping – with dedicated container shipping, your goods are packed into one dedicated steel container and shipped. No other item is shipped besides your goods under this option.

Less than container load shipment – this is the option you use if you don’t want to use dedicated container shipping or if the household goods are not enough to fill up one container. It’s reliable but might take some time if the goods need to be consolidated to fill up one container.

Major Sea Ports in Brazil

Brazil is endowed with several sea ports and the good news is that we are active on all of them. It implies that as an international shipping company from UAE to Brazil, we offer you with a wide variety of choices as far as the ports are concerned. The major ports include the following-:

  • Port of Natal
  • Port of Manaus
  • Port of Pecem
  • Port of Alegre
  • Port of Salvador
  • Port of Rio de Janeiro
  • Port of Santos
  • Port of Tubarao
  • Recife Port
  • Port of Itaqua
  • Suape Port

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