Household Goods Moving to New Zealand

Tailor made shipping solutions

We understand that people have different needs for shipping goods to New Zealand. For us to provide you with the best value, we offer you customized shipping options for your household goods. You thus have the freedom to choose the option which suits you best. The three main options we have include dedicated container shipping, consolidate container shipping and air freight services if you need to ship a small portion of your household goods in a shorter period.

Why Ship Household Goods to New Zealand with Aeon Shipping LLC

There are certain special benefits you will get by shipping with us compared to using the services of other shipping companies to move your household goods from UAE to New Zealand. They include the following-:

  • We will present you with comprehensive, flexible and affordable quotation on the cost of shipping your household goods.
  • Flexible payment options including the choice to pay the invoice in New Zealand currency so that you don’t have to make any upfront payments
  • We insure your shipment against damages and losses that might occur during the shipping process.
  • Real times updates on the progress of the shipment right from the time of loading in Dubai to the point of unloading at your destination of choice in New Zealand.
  • No hidden costs whatsoever
  • Assistance with all the paperwork required by the custom officials at the port of exit and the port of entry in New Zealand.
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Duty Free Importation of household goods to New Zealand

New Zealand allows duty free importation of household goods if they meet certain conditions. If the goods, however, fail to meet the laid conditions, you will be required to pay some duty before the goods can be cleared. You don’t have to worry about these since our shipping experts will give you all the relevant advice you need with regards to duty free importation and they will also help you with the paperwork to ensure compliance on your part.

Prohibited Items in New Zealand

You are not allowed to ship the following items under whatever circumstances to New Zealand. Doing so might land you into serious problem with the authorities. They include the following items-:

  • Canned and dried meet
  • Bee keeping equipment
  • Any kind of plants
  • Vines, Pine cones and berries
  • Ivory, turtle or tortoise shells
  • Items made of or including derivatives from endangered species.

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