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Simple shipping process

At Aoen, the shipping process we offer you with is very simple and straightforward. It is the only way for us to expedite the whole process to save you from worrying when moving your household goods from Dubai to Australia. The process is as follows-:

Pre-move Survey – one of our experts will pay you a visit to determine the quantity or the volume of the household goods you need to move from Dubai to Australia. The purpose of this is to help in advising you on the best shipping options available for you.

Comprehensive Quote – based on the findings above by our shipping expert, we will prepare for you a detailed quotation of all the costs and the timelines involved in moving your goods to Australia.

The Shipping Process – the shipping begins either by a pickup or by you delivering the goods to one of our designated warehouses before they are loaded on the containers. It includes pickup of the items, stuffing, packing as well as the preparation of all the necessary paperwork to ensure safe shipment.

Destination Process – during this process, we inform you well in advance about the arrival of your goods as well as the necessary clearance procedure at the port of dock.

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Household Goods Shipping Options

We present you with a wide variety of options for international shipping from UAE to Australia for your household goods. They include but not limited to the following-:

Air Freight Shipping

This option is expensive than sea freight but it takes a shorter time and is also more efficient. It is ideal when you need to make just a small shipment of your household goods in advance while the rest of the shipment comes by sea.

Full Container Load shipment

After all your household goods are packed, they are then loaded in one steel container which will carry only your goods. If possible, the container can be loaded closest to your residence before being transported to Dubai for the final shipment to Australia.

Less than Container Load Shipment

In this case, you goods are shipped together with others after being packed in purpose built wooden cases in our warehouse. They are then loaded into steel containers then shipped to your preferred destination.

Secure Storage

We offer secure storage for your household goods in Dubai as they await shipment and also in Australia as they await clearance and pick up.

These are just but a few of the shipping options we have for you when you are considering moving from Dubai to Australia.

Major Ports in Australia

In order to provide you with a lot of choices and flexibility, we reach a number of destinations around Australia. We access all the sea ports in New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

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