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Are you considering your options when it comes to your air freight to Australia? We have gathered some information and advice here to ensure that the company you choose for your air freight to Australia is the right one, or indeed so you can decide whether there is another mode of transport better suited to your shipping needs.

Excess Baggage Company has years of experience providing air freight to Australia. We believe the fundamental factors when deciding if air freight is right for you and how to select a company are reputation, responsibility, price and speed.


You know what the company has to say about its own excellent service, but what do its customers say? The great thing about online business communities is the ease with which you can discover what a company is really like through reading the tales of their happy and not so happy customers.


Just how much emphasis does the company put on the customer's needs? We always strive to exceed our customers' expectations, from offering help and advice to physically helping when and where we can. No matter the size, shape or value of your items, they are safe in our hands.


Getting the cost right is often a balancing act between the level of service and expertise on offer, and the actual fee. It is worth checking whether online tracking comes as standard or if this incurs an extra fee. Your decision should not be made on cost alone, but you should ensure that you pay a fair price. Be aware that air freight to Australia is more expensive than shipping your goods there by sea.


When would you like your items arrive? This is where air freight to Australia has the advantage as it will be far faster than sea freight as a method of transporting your things. If you are in a hurry, or simply wish your things to get there sooner, this may be the best option for you.

Aeon Shipping Company offers a professional and reliable service for your air freight to Australia. Should you have any questions or want to discuss your needs with us, contact us today - we would be delighted to help.

Air Freight to Australia - Quote Me or for more information or advice on Air Freight to Australia, please feel free to contact our dedicated Air Freight to Australia team on 0800 524 4815, +44 (0)20 8324 2066.

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