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Roll on Roll Off Shipping in Dubai – UAE

Roll on Roll Off Shipping in Dubai – UAE

 Not only is Roll on Roll off Shipping in Dubai – UAE an efficient method to transport your vehicles. but it will also do so safely. As the name suggests, it is ideal to ship absolutely anything with wheels.


What is Roll on Roll Off Shipping?

RoRo shipping essentially lets you ship anything with wheels. It is really just a matter of rolling the vehicle or items onboard the vessel. Your cargo will essentially be either rolled onto or off the decks. We make sure this is done with the help of ramps and other amenities that have been designed to accommodate this purpose.

This method is completely different from the regular traditional shipping methods you are used to. Decks have been designed to accommodate practically any kind of cargo or shipment with wheels. When we say anything we really do mean it. From cars, buses, trucks to even construction vehicles can be transported with the help of Ro Ro shipping.

Are you now wondering about the kind of vessels that are used in RORO Shipping? Well, they are vessels or ferries that are ocean going, meaning they have been designed for the transportation of cargo in the sea. They have been designed and built for the specific purpose of carrying wheeled cargo such as personal, recreational, utility and heavy vehicles in the ocean.

These vessels also have ramps that have been built into its foundation such as the stem or bow. This makes it easier for the cargo to be rolled on to and off the vessel. It takes up a lot less effort than it would have taken had it been done with the help of cranes.

How does Roll on Roll off Shipping in Dubai – UAE work?

To elaborate, RORO vessels are specifically built to ship cargo with wheels. These cargo typically include vehicles. Unique features exist in these vessels to ensure that the cargo is efficiently and effectively rolled on and off the vessel.  Is this area of shipping new to you?  Well then, we think it would be best to understand the inner workings of this brilliant shipping method for the next time you decide to ship a vehicle.

The design of the vessel

Vessels used for Roll on Roll off shipping are specifically designed for the purpose of transporting cargo on wheels. They contain decks that are large and open in both the frontal (bow) and the rear (Stern) sections of the vessel. The ramps are often easily adjustable. Essentially the ramps can be customised to the height of a customer’s cargo. The design you see on these ramps are open in nature. What this does is that it lets the cargo to be rolled into the vessel directly. this spells convenience at its best.

loading the cargo and securing it

Wondering how you are to load your cargo onto the vessel? Well, not to worry. The ramp of the vessel can be lowered to your needs and requirements. This done in order to load and unload your wheeled cargo by the crew. It can even be driven onto and off the vessel. This is probably the best part about roll on roll of shipping.

Once your cargo is parked in an appropriate spot the crew will then secure it and they will fasten it onto the deck of the vessel. This makes sure any sort of movement is prevented when the ship is on the move.


The arrangement of the vessel is designed in such a unique way. It is easily adjustable. This is done so that multiple wheeled cargo can be loaded onboard the vessel and shipped at the same time. It maximises the utilisation of space as well as the capacity of the vessel.

Internally, the arrangement is such that the vessel has multiple ramps and levels. This is so that each cargo can be loaded on its appropriate vessel and ensure that it is fastened securely. Balance is everything when it comes to such vessels. So ultimately it is the crew members who are responsible for arranging the decks in a way that is suitable for each individual cargo that is loaded. They must utilise space accordingly and manage the space that is strategic in nature.

Measures of safety

Safety is a key measure on board any vessel that has been designed for roll on and roll off shipping in Dubai – UAE. After all, when customers choose this method their main concern is the security of their cargo and the safe return of it.

Crew members will be well educated and trained to secure and handle a customer’s wheeled cargo. Needless to say, they receive thorough training in handling well in advance.

In addition to this, the vessel is equipped with systems of safety to counteract with safety hazards that could occur internally. This can include doors that are watertight, procedures of evacuation in case of an emergency and systems that suppress fire. For the majority of the time, the doors of a vessel will also open easily so that the cargo can be glided off the vessel in case of an emergency situation.

Process of unloading

Naturally, once your cargo is rolled on board the vessel, it must then be rolled off as well. This unloading process begins when the vessel reaches the point of destination. When the vessel is anchored. It will then be docked parallelly to the pier and then it is the ramp that will be lowered to the required height or level. The cargo will then be driven or rolled off the ramp in a safe and secure manner.

Unlike your traditional methods of unloading, the roll off method will hardly take up any extra time. It will be driven off swiftly. What this means is that congestion within the pier and port will be reduced. The crew will also be able to deliver your cargo in a manner that is timely as well. Keeping efficiency in mind at all times.

Facilities specialised for other purposes

Ro Ro vessels can be adjusted with special facilities to accommodate any type of need. These additional facilities can be arranged upon prior request. Do you anticipate to ship a perishable item with the help of RoRo shipping? Well, the refrigeration of various sections of the vessel is an added advantage of utilising this type of shipping method.

Infrastructure of the port

Additional facilities are sometimes in place onboard roro vessels to accommodate unique features of some cargo. So if you feel like you’ve got wheeled cargo that is in need of these requirements, it is a matter of communicating this to your shipping partner. They will either inform you whether they can accommodate this need or will make arrangements to cater to your needs. Your needs can range anywhere in between needing refrigeration or even specialised equipment to handle heavy or oversized cargo.

What cargo is Roll on Roll Off shipping in Dubai – UAE better suited for?

It is worthy to note that RoRo Shipping is ideal to ship a variety of cargo. However, not everything can be shipped with the help of RoRo shipping. Nor would absolutely any item be suitable to be shipped using this method. Key is to identify whether the cargo you want to ship can be easily rolled on and off the shipping vessel. They must also be capable of being secured safely on board the vessel.

Here are some items that are better suited to be shipped with the help of this method.

Automobiles and vehicles

If your current need is to ship a vehicle, then Roll on Roll Off shipping in Dubai – UAE would be ideal for you. They are after all better suited to transport vehicles from one point to another. Basically, cars, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks any type of vehicle can be transported with the help of Ro Ro shipping. The ramps that are out there in the open are ideal since your vehicle can be driven easily onboard the vessel. Not only is RoRo shipping rather efficient but it is also cost effective due to this. It works great on your budget and your wallet.

Heavy machines

Are you part of a construction company with the need to transport some heavy machinery to a destination of your choice? You have found yourself in the right place. RoRo shipping is used to transport a variety of heavy machinery. practically any type of heavy machinery ranging from Bulldozers, tractors. excavators, agricultural and machinery and even cranes can be transported using this method.

The main reason for this is due to the ramps being open. The height of the ramps and the levels in between can be easily adjusted to include heavy and large machinery. Due to this, in the case of loading heavy machinery too the process of loading and unloading is simplified.

Cargo for projects

Cargo that is used for various construction projects and so forth can also be transported in RoRo vessels. These can include cargo that are relatively large that they would not even fit a container of standard size. So for instance,  you can transport cargo like pipes, steel, windmills and turbines, large generators or even lumber with the help of the open ramps in RoRo vessels.

Shipment of live animals

Livestock and horses can sometimes be tough to ship in regular containerised shipping onboard a ship. You might encounter certain conditions and issues that could potentially be difficult to tackle. The right conditions can be found in Roll on Roll off vessels making them an ideal option for shipping live animals.

It does not end there. Contractors and businesses who are looking to ship large consignments of sensitive items like pharmaceutical materials and even produce can do so with the help of Ro Ro shipping. Since they can accommodate sections that could be refrigerated if the need was to arise.

Cargo that is trackable and rollable

Cargo that is either trackable or rollable can be transported with RoRo shipping because they can be easily rolled onto the vessel. For example, vehicles that have been tracked, rolls of paper and even cable drums can be easily glided onboard.

What are the benefits of Roll on Roll off  Shipping in Dubai – UAE?

There are some key benefits and advantages that are linked to the shipment of cargo using this method.

Cost effective

RoRo shipping is probably the most cost effective method of shipping. Specially if you are shipping bulk cargo or a vehicle. You will see that it is inexpensive in comparison to its shipment had you chosen containerised shipping or even air freight. Much of the costs associated with shipping is derived from the machines used to either load or unload cargo off a shipping vessel. No such additional equipment is needed with the roll on roll of method. It is simply just a matter of rolling the machinery onto the ramps of either the bow or stern of the vessel.


Efficiency is at the core of everything that this method of shipping stands for. It does not require additional equipment for the most part. There is no hassle since it minimises additional congestion within the pier or port. Waiting times are reduced significantly. This makes up for the fast delivery of cargo to customers.


Did you know that RoRo shipping accommodates a variety of cargo? From vehicles to heavy equipment, live animals and even large steel beams. RoRo shipping in Dubai- UAE is versatile at its best.

Low risk of damage

Once your cargo has been rolled on board the vessel, are secured and fastened. This means that they are safe on the ramps, which also keeps other cargo safe from damage. Since rollable items can after all move around once the vessel begins its journey to its destination.

Environment friendliness

We live in a day and age where carbon footprints matter. The damage to the environment its significantly low in RoRo shipping because it has a relatively low carbon footprint. This is low in comparison to other methods such as airfreight which is known to leave a significant carbon footprint.

RoRo shipping and the preparation of your cargo

Preparation is key when it comes to shipping practically any type of cargo using any kind of shipping method. The answer is yes, you must prepare your cargo even when you choose to ship it using roro shipping.

Make sure you clean your cargo thoroughly. If you are shipping a car make sure you remove any dirt particles that can get stuck inside the car. You do not want an infestation of pests when you ultimately get your hands on your vehicle. Personal items must also be removed, since they will be shipped in open ramps.

Most rollable cargo tend to have lose ends and parts. These must either be removed completely or secured. This must be done ahead of time to ensure these parts dont get detached from the cargo to damage other vehicles when the vessel begins to move. Bes sure to fill the fuel tanks ahead of time since the vehicle must be driven on board the vessel and off.

Maybe your cargo is highly specific. In this case you need to see if your comply with import and export guidelines and restrictions. Documentation must be prepared a head of time so you do not have to undergo any issue later on which can be a hassle and time consuming. Failing to do this will only slow down the delivery of your cargo.

Is your cargo insured? As safe as this method of transportation is, we cannot foresee what could potentially occur when the ship is out in the ocean. This is why it is important you get your cargo an insurance cover ahead of time. Damages that can happen when in transit can be minimised or covered as a result.


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